Multiple Reports Subscription

Subscription Options:

- 3 Months Subscription ($5000 To $25000)
- 6 Months Subscription ($10000 To $50000)
- Annual Subscription ($10000 To $100000)

Key Benefits of Purchasing a Subscription Account

- Advantage of a broad range of globally popular publishers, including prominent brands like MarketsandMarkets, QYResearch Reports, GlobalData, Prof Research, SNS Telecom & IT, Azoth Analytics, Research In China, HeyReport and more.

- Economical Budgets for Market Research (discount around 30% - 40% for 10 or more Reports)

- Flexible Options to Structure the Subscription Package as per your needs (pertaining to Focus Area, Geography, Product etc.), thereby ensuring optimum utilization of Research Budgets

- Complete Customer Service Benefit supporting user-specific searches (Mapping Reports to your Focus Areas at minimal cost, Timely delivery of reports etc.)

- Ready access to quality reports published by niche publishers, that may not normally be findable via traditional market research publishers

- A comprehensive coverage across all segments of the global economy - ensuring we cover all your activities, besides that of your customers and competitors

- Avail a tailored custom research service – to facilitate your quest for specifically-titled report, we provide a customized research service

- One Point of Contact for all your Research needs (Syndicated Reports / Customized Reports / Analyst Briefings / Locating Relevant Reports etc.)

- Profit from rationalizing your existing subscriptions into a Single Subscription Account with ReportsandReports, whilst still holding access to the same grade & quality of market, as well as competitor details you require.

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