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- MarketsandMarkets, with a keen focus on exploring high-growth and emerging market segments, has emerged as the world's first and biggest revenue impact company.

- With 8500+ global clients including 80% of Fortune 2000 B2B companies.

- MarketsandMarkets is impacting critical revenue decisions of top players across all B2B industry verticals.

- A team of 1200+ analysts continuously works with these clients to provide insights and advisory that can enable them to achieve their short-term and long-term revenue goals.

Current Landscape


What sets us apart?

- We research the revenue potential of all high growth technologies and use cases where no research has been previously available.

- We cover the latest innovation in these disruptive technologies giving you insight into new revenue opportunities.

- For every B2B company, 60% of future revenues will be dependent on new technologies, new use cases, new clients, new markets, and new partnerships.

Key Benefits of Having Knowledge Store Subscription.

Through MarketsandMarkets proprietary research base called Knowledge Store™, we are helping our clients in identifying new revenue generating opportunities through a complete assessment of their entire eco-system including their products / technologies, their clients and their clients’ clients.

Knowledge Store™ is the world’s only platform that connects market segments with each other, thus enabling you to visualize and understand the impact on your business by disruptions happening anywhere in your eco-system.

With quantified data on 30,000+ high growth and niche market segments, Knowledge Store™ is a must-have platform for all B2B companies who are planning their next growth steps while minimizing future risks associated with unknown market developments.

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