The success of our clients speaks for our success. We have an ongoing relationship with research partners for over three years. Our clients trust in our ability to initiate any given research project immediately along with our commitments towards confidentiality. The fact that a high percentage of our business comes from client referrals bears ample testimony to the quality of our market research reports.

Core Consulting Practices:

  • Compelling Business Cases
  • Market Size Estimations
  • Market Entry Strategy
  • Market dynamics, Positioning and Segmentation 
  • Competitive Landscaping And Benchmarking
  • Opportunity Analysis
  • Economic Forecasting
  • Portal Management
  • Industry-Specific Technology Solutions
  • Primary Interviews

Key deliverables...

Benchmarking Key Buying Criteria/Unmet Needs Of B2B Customers

Benchmarking B2B user potential based on technical and commercial. This deliverable will identify top users in terms of their technical and commercial potential for your own use. We will benchmark the users on the following aspects and provide a critical argument to rank them.

In-Depth Benchmarking Of Vendor Offerings - From USER PERSPECTIVE

We do the benchmarking on the basis of how users see different competitors/vendors for the following key buying criteria. While benchmarking, we will use inputs/comments from the actual users, from interacting with the competitors and our analysis of the available secondary intelligence

  • - Technical
  • - Functional
  • - Commercial (Business Model, Pricing, Premium, Value Added Offering)
  • - Strategical (M&A, Geographic Spread, Distribution, Investments, Key Focus Areas, Key Customer Targets)
  • - Operational Strength (Clientele, Patents, Distributors, Pipeline Products Employees)
  • - Tactical – Best Of Breed Vs. Integrated Solution
  • - Market Aspects (Branding, Market Share)
  • - Value Added Service Offerings

Attack, Avoid, and Defend Strategy

We will design an "Attack, Avoid and Defend" strategy by closely benchmarking the nearest competitors of YOUR COMPANY in this market segment.

Attack: This will have all the areas included in the above benchmarking section, which positions YOUR COMPANY strongly against its nearest competitor.

Avoid: This will have all the areas included in the above benchmarking section, which are comparatively of no greater value or areas in which YOUR COMPANY and other competitors have nearly similar offerings.

Defend: This will have all the areas included in the above benchmarking section, which position YOUR COMPANY weaker than the competitors' offering.

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