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APAC Biologics CMO Directory
Published in May 2020 | US $ 5998 Onwards | By IMAPAC

"Ten years ago, it was hard for Chinese biopharmaceutical service companies to meet the requirements of a Western client. Today, there is a proliferation of companies such as WuXi Biologics, MabPlex, JHL Biotech and more. Furthermore, recently in ...

APAC’s Bioprocessing Facilities Report 2020
Published in May 2020 | US $ 7998 Onwards | By IMAPAC

The Biologics industry is evolving at an unprecedented rate by demanding for new and improved technologies to reduce cost and increase efficiency. The world is seeing an increase in Biopharma facilities, especially in Asia to meet the growing dema...

Global Coronavirus Vaccines Pipeline Report
Published in May 2020 | US $ 2998 Onwards | By IMAPAC

The COVID-19 has affected over 2.2 million people with more than 150,000 deaths across the world since its origination in Wuhan, China in December 2019. Since then, there are have been several companies and organizations that are racing towards de...

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