Power Electronics Market by Substrate Wafer Technology (GaN, SiC, and Others), Devices (Power IC, Power Module & Power Discrete), Applications, and Geography - Analysis & Forecast to 2014 - 2020

Published: May 2014
No. of Pages: 300

Power electronics technology has achieved a significant prime of life after a number of decades of dynamic evolution of power semiconductor devices, converters, PWM techniques, machines, motor drives, advanced control systems, and simulation techniques. The impact of this industry is felt not only on theglobal industrialization and general energy systems, but also onenergy conservation, renewable energy systems, and electric/hybrid vehicles; as well as in the medical field related applications.

The basic principle of power electronics is based on the conversion and control of electrical power with the help of power semiconductor devices. These power devices operate as a switch and, therefore, the efficiency of power electronics systems reaches as high as 99%. The advancement in technology has significantly reduced the cost of power electronics over the years. Also, the size of electronic devices has become smaller and the performance of these devices has shown a tremendous amount of improvement. The power electronics applications are proliferating in ICT, industrial, power, aerospace & defense, automotive, medical, and transportation systems.

The power electronics market has left its footprints globally; and the major market for the power electronics ecosystem in semiconductors lies in APAC countries such as South Korea, Japan, Taiwan, China, and ‘others' that include India, Malaysia and Singapore. The other segments such as the Americas, Europe, and ROW follow the APAC in terms of the power electronics market. This report gives an in depth analysis of the major drivers, restraints, and opportunities for the power electronics market. Also, a competitive landscape of the major players in the power electronics ecosystem is very well illustrated.

Major players discussed in the power electronics market report include Texas Instruments Inc. (U.S), Vishay Intertechnology Inc. (U.S), Infineon Technologies AG (Germany), NXP Semiconductors (U.S), Fairchild Semiconductor (U.S), Microsemi Corp. (U.S), Toshiba Corp. (Japan), Hitachi Co., Ltd (Japan), and Mitsubishi Electric Corp. (Japan).

This report focuseson giving a detail-view of the complete power electronics industry with respect to the device market, with detailed market segmentations; combined with a qualitative analysis ofeach and every aspect of the classifications done by the substrate wafer technology, devices, characteristics, products, application verticals (sectors), sub- applications, and geographical distribution. All the numbers, both -with regards to the revenue andvolume, at every level of detail, are forecasted till 2020 to give a glimpse of the potential revenue base in this market.

Power Electronics Market by Substrate Wafer Technology (GaN, SiC, and Others), Devices (Power IC, Power Module & Power Discrete), Applications, and Geography - Analysis & Forecast to 2014 - 2020

Table Of Contents

1 Introduction
1.1 Overview
1.2 Key Take-Aways
1.3 Report Description
1.4 Report Scope
1.5 Market Segments And Market Aspects Covered
1.6 Stakeholders
1.7 Report Assumptions
1.7.1 General Assumptions
1.7.2 Year-Wise And Forecast Assumptions
1.8 Research Methodology
1.8.1 Market Size
1.8.2 Market Crack Down And Data Triangulation
1.8.3 Market Forecasting Model
1.8.4 Key Data Points Taken From Secondary Sources
1.8.5 Key Data Points Taken From Primary Sources
1.8.6 Key Companies For Primary Research

2 Executive Summary

3 Cover Story: Primary Research Interviews

4 Premium Insights
4.1 Geography Life-Cycle Of Power Electronics Market
4.1.1 Forecast Of Market Conditions For Different Regions
4.2 Growth Strategy Matrix (Ansoff Matrix)
4.2.1 Market Development U.K., And Russia Can Be The Potential Markets In The Days To Come
4.2.2 Diversification Forward Integration To Be The Smartest Strategy For Wafer Players
4.2.3 Market Penetration Japan And China Are The Most Flourishing Geographies For Existing Players As Well As New Entrants
4.2.4 Product Development Product Development In New Markets Would Be The Game Changing Strategy For Existing As Well As New Market Entrants
4.3 Supply & Demand-Side Factor Analysis
4.4 Market Investment Analysis
4.4.1 Major Barriers For Investment In Global Market
4.4.2 Major Pro-Factors For Investment In Global Market

5 Market Overview
5.1 Introuction
5.1.1 Power Electronics Market Segmentation
5.1.2 Global Market Overview
5.2 History & Evolution
5.3 Technology Trends
5.3.1 Power Electronics Modules
5.4 Value & Supply Chain Analysis
5.4.1 Business Models And Global Scaling Analysis
5.4.2 Material Based Players
5.4.3 Research Organizations & Universities
5.4.4 Technology Developers And Patent Holders
5.4.5 Device & Product Developers
5.4.6 Power Electronics Supply Chain

6 Market Analysis
6.1 Introduction
6.2 Market Dyanmics
6.2.1 Market Drivers Impact Analysis Of Power Electronics Market Drivers Demand For Multiple Function Portable Devices To Increase The Use Of Power Electronics Flourishing Supply Chain Innovations And Developments By New Smes And Existing Players Renewable Energy Markets And Smart Grids To Drive Demand For Power Electronics Use Of Power Electronics In Applications Such As Hybrid Electric Vehicles To Drive The Market Relatively Less Entry Barriers
6.2.2 Market Restraints Impact Analysis Of Power Electronics Market Restraints Economic Uncertainty Causes Demand Fluctuations For Power Electronic Industry Strict Regulatory Barriers In Some Regions Of Globe
6.2.3 Market Opportunities Impact Analysis Of Power Electronics Market Opportunities Growing Opportunities In Automotive And Power & Energy Sector Power Mosfet And Power Igbt Will Gain More Attention In The Near Future
6.3 Burning Issues
6.3.1 Complex Cost Structure Of Gallium Nitride Wafers
6.3.2 Battery-Less Devices
6.4 Winning Imperatives
6.4.1 The Evolution Of Wbg Semiconductors
6.5 Industry Trends
6.5.1 Market Life Cycle Analysis
6.6 Porter's Analysis
6.6.1 Threat From New Entrants
6.6.2 Threat From Subsitutes
6.6.3 Bargainig Power Of Supplier
6.6.4 Bargainig Power Of Buyers
6.6.5 Degree Of Competition

7 Power Electronics Market By Substrate Wafer Technology
7.1 Introduction
7.2 High End Solution
7.2.1 Gallium Nitride
7.2.2 Silicon Carbide
7.2.3 Others
7.3 Middle End Solution
7.3.1 Silicon Carbide
7.3.2 Silicon
7.3.3 Others
7.4 Low End Solution
7.4.1 Silicon
7.4.2 Sapphire
7.4.3 Others

8 Power Electronics Market By Devices
8.1 Introduction
8.2 Power Ic
8.2.1 Power Management Ic Voltage Regulators Drivers Others
8.2.2 Applicaions Specific Ic's
8.2.3 Others
8.3 Power Modules
8.3.1 Inteliigent Power Module (Inverter Ic) Hybrid Monolithic
8.3.2 Power Integrated Modules (Converter Inverter Break) Mosfet Modules Metal Oxide Semiconductor (Mosfet) Igbt Modules Others
8.3.3 Others
8.4 Power Discrete
8.4.1 Diodes
8.4.2 Transistors Bipolar Junction Transistor (Bjt) Integrated Gate Bipolar Junction Taransistor(Igbt) Field Effect Transistor (Fet) Others Thyristor (Silicon Controlled Rectifier) Gate Turn Off Thyristor (Gto) Integrated Gate Commutated Thyristor (Igct) Others Others

9 Power Electronics Market By Application
9.1 Introduction
9.2 Ict Sector
9.2.1 Switching Systems
9.2.2 Wireless Application
9.2.3 Satellite Communication Application
9.2.4 Radar Application
9.2.5 Rf Application
9.2.6 Others
9.3 Consumer Electronics Sector
9.3.1 Inverter
9.3.2 Led
9.3.3 Smps
9.3.4 Others
9.4 Power Sector
9.4.1 Ups
9.4.2 Converter Ac To Dc (Rectifier) Dc To Ac (Inverter) Single Phase Half Bridge Inverter Single Phase Full Bridge Inverter Three-Phase Voltage Source Inverter Dc To Dc (Dc-To-Dc Converter) Ac To Ac (Ac-To-Ac Converter) Ac Voltage Controller Matrix Converters And Cyclo-Converters Dc Link Converters Hybrid Matrix Converter
9.4.3 Others
9.4.4 Case Study Converteam China Co., Ltd (China)
9.4.5 Case Study Evince Technology Ltd (U.K)
9.5 Industrial Sector
9.5.1 Point-Of-Load Conversion
9.5.2 Power Management For Computers, Telecommunications, And Others
9.5.3 Renewable Energy Systems
9.5.4 Hvac
9.5.5 Rail Transportation
9.5.6 Motor Drives
9.5.7 Smart Grid
9.5.8 Others
9.5.9 Case Study Of Alstom Grid (France)
9.5.10 Case Study Of Siemens Ag (Germany)
9.5.11 Case Study Of Emerson Electric Co., Ltd (U.S)
9.6 Automotive
9.6.1 Vehicular Power Converter Systems
9.6.2 Electric Vehicle Charging
9.6.3 Others
9.7 Aerospace & Defense Sector
9.7.1 Microwave Radiation Applications
9.7.2 Combat Vehicles
9.7.3 Others
9.7.4 Case Study Of Rolls Royce, Plc (U.K)
9.8 Other Sectors
9.8.1 Medical Sector
9.8.2 Other Sectors

10 Market By Geography
10.1 Introduction
10.2 Americas
10.2.1 North America
10.2.2 South America
10.3 Europe
10.3.1 U.K.
10.3.2 Germany
10.3.3 Others
10.4 Apac
10.4.1 Japan
10.4.2 China
10.4.3 South Korea
10.4.4 Others
10.5 Row

11 Competitive Landscape

12 Company Profiles
12.1 Renesas Electronics Corporation
12.1.1 Company Snapshot
12.1.2 Products And Services
12.1.3 Developments
12.1.4 Swot Analysis
12.1.5 Mnm View
12.2 Abb Ltd
12.2.1 Company Snapshot
12.2.2 Products And Services
12.2.3 Developments
12.2.4 Swot Analysis
12.2.5 Mnm View
12.3 Alstom
12.3.1 Company Snapshot
12.3.2 Products And Services
12.3.3 Developments
1.3.5 Swot Analysis
12.3.4 Mnm View
12.4 Microsemi Corporation
12.4.1 Company Snapshot
12.4.2 Products And Services
12.4.3 Developments
12.4.4 Swot Analysis
12.4.5 Mnm View
12.5 Freescale Semiconductor, Inc.
12.5.1 Company Snapshot
12.5.2 Products And Services
12.5.3 Developments
12.5.4 Swot Analysis
12.5.5 Mnm View
12.6 Taiwan Semiconductors Manufacturing Company Limited (Tsmc)
12.6.1 Company Snapshot
12.6.2 Swot Analysis
12.6.3 Mnm View
12.7 Texas Instruments, Inc.
12.7.1 Company Snapshot
12.7.2 Products & Services
12.7.3 Developments
12.7.4 Swot Analysis
12.7.5 Mnm View
12.8 Stmicroelectronics Nv
12.8.1 Company Snapshot
12.8.2 Products & Services
12.8.3 Developments
12.8.4 Swot Analysis
12.8.5 Mnm View
12.9 Rockwell Automation, Inc.
12.9.1 Company Snapshot
12.9.2 Products & Services
12.9.3 Strategies & Insights
12.9.4 Developments

List Of Tables

Table 1 Global Power Electronics Market, By Device Type ($Billion), 2013-2020
Table 2 Global Market, By Application ($Billion), 2013-2020
Table 3 Global Market, By Substrate Wafer Technology ($Billion), 2013-2020
Table 4 High End Solutions, By Type ($Billion), 2013-2020
Table 5 Middle End Solutions, By Type ($Billion), 2013-2020
Table 6 Low End Solutions, By Type ($Billion), 2013-2020
Table 7 Global Power Electronics Market, By Device Type ($Billion), 2013-2020
Table 8 Power Ic Market, By Type ($Billion), 2013-2020
Table 9 Power Management Ic Market, By Type ($Billion), 2013-2020
Table 10 Power Modules Market, By Type ($Billion), 2013-2020
Table 11 Intelligent Power Module Market, By Type ($Billion), 2013-2020
Table 12 Power Discrete Market, By Type ($Billion), 2013-2020
Table 13 Thyristor Market, By Type ($Billion), 2013-2020
Table 14 Global Market, By Application ($Billion), 2013-2020
Table 15 Ict Application Market, By Type ($Billion), 2013-2020
Table 16 Consumer Electronics Application Market, By Type ($Billion), 2013-2020
Table 17 Power Application Market, By Type ($Billion), 2013-2020
Table 18 Converter Market, By Type ($Billion), 2013-2020
Table 19 Dc To Ac Market, By Phase Type ($Billion), 2013-2020
Table 20 Ac To Ac Market, By Type ($Billion), 2013-2020
Table 21 Industrial Application Market, By Type ($Billion), 2013-2020
Table 22 Automotive Application Market, By Type ($Billion), 2013-2020
Table 23 Aerospace & Defense Application Market, By Type ($Billion), 2013-2020
Table 24 Other Application Market, By Type ($Billion), 2013-2020
Table 25 Ict Application Market, By Geography ($Billion), 2013-2020
Table 26 Consumer Electronics Application Market, By Geography ($Billion), 2013-2020
Table 27 Power Application Market, By Geography ($Billion), 2013-2020
Table 28 Industrial Application Market, By Geography ($Billion), 2013-2020
Table 29 Automotive Application Market, By Geography ($Billion), 2013-2020
Table 30 Aerospace & Defense Application Market, By Geography ($Billion), 2013-2020
Table 31 Other Application Market, By Geography ($Billion), 2013-2020
Table 32 Global Power Electronics Market, By Geography ($Billion), 2013-2020
Table 33 Americas Market, By Region ($Billion), 2013-2020
Table 34 Europe Market, By Region ($Billion), 2013-2020
Table 35 Apac Market, By Region ($Billion), 2013-2020
Table 36 Americas Market, By Application ($Billion), 2013-2020
Table 37 Europe Market, By Application ($Billion), 2013-2020
Table 38 Apac Market, By Application ($Billion), 2013-2020
Table 39 Row Market, By Application ($Billion), 2013-2020

List Of Figures

Figure 1 Power Electronics Industry Monetary Chain
Figure 2 General Assumptions Considered In This Report
Figure 3 YearwiseAnd Forecast Assumptions For Power Electronics Market
Figure 4 Research Methodology Used For Power Electrionics Market
Figure 5 Market Size Estimation Methodology
Figure 6 Market Crackdown And Data Triangulation For Power Electronics Market
Figure 7 Power Electronics Market Forecasting Model
Figure 8 Geography Life Cycle
Figure 9 Growth Strategy Matrix
Figure 10 Supply And Demand SideFactor Analysis
Figure 11 Market Investment Analysis
Figure 12 Market Overview
Figure 13 Power Electronics Market Segmentation
Figure 14 Power Electronics History
Figure 15 Evolution Of Power Electronics Devices
Figure 16 Materials Used In Power Semiconductor Ecosystem Since Inception
Figure 17 Power Electronics Value Chain Analysis
Figure 18 Business Model For Power Electronics Market
Figure 19 Supply Chain Of Power Electronics Market
Figure 20 Market Analysis
Figure 21 Market Dynamics
Figure 22 Impact Analysis Of Market Drivers
Figure 23 The Electronics Supply Chain Components
Figure 24 Impact Analysis Of Market Drivers
Figure 25 Impact Analysis Of Market Drivers
Figure 26 The Power Electronics Industry Life Cycle Based On The Material Technology-2013
Figure 27 Power Electronics Market: Porter's Five Force Analysis
Figure 28 Market: Threats From New Entrants
Figure 29 Market: Threats From The Substitutes
Figure 30 Market: Bargaining Power Of Suppliers
Figure 31 Market: Bargaining Power Of Buyers
Figure 32 Market: Degree Of Competition
Figure 33 Substrate Wafer Technology Market Segmentation
Figure 34 Market By Devices
Figure 35 Advantages Of Mosfet
Figure 36 I-V Characteristics Of A Diode
Figure 37 Market Segmentation By Application
Figure 38 Power Electronics Market In Ict Sector
Figure 39 Power ApplicationsIn Consumer Electronics Sector
Figure 40 Types Of Inverters
Figure 41 Global Power Electronics Market By Geography
Figure 42 Market By Americas
Figure 43 Market By Europe
Figure 44 Market By Apac
Figure 45 Renesaselectronics: Company Snapshot
Figure 46 Renesas Electronics : Product Portfolio
Figure 47 Renesas Electronics : Swot Analysis
Figure 48 Abb Ltd: Company Snapshot
Figure 49 Abb Ltd. : Product Portfolio
Figure 50 Abb Ltd : Swot Analysis
Figure 51 Alstom : Company Snapshot
Figure 52 Alstom: Product Portfolio
Figure 53 Alstom : Swot Analysis
Figure 54 Microsemi Corporation: Company Snapshot
Figure 55 Microsemi Corporation: Product Portfolio
Figure 56 Microsemi Corporation : Swot Analysis
Figure 57 Freescale Semiconductor, Inc.: Company Snapshot
Figure 58 Freescale Semiconductor, Inc.: Product Portfolio
Figure 59 Freescale Semiconductor, Inc. : Swot Analysis
Figure 60 Tsmc : Company Snapshot
Figure 61 Tsmc: Swot Analysis

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