Embedded Die in Package Patent Investigation

Published: July 2013
No. of Pages: 230

A Very Young PA Tent Landscape Dominated By a Very Small Number of Companies.

For this patent analysis 721 relevant and related patents have been selected and classified to further analyze embedded IC IP situation.

Among the 1547 patent documents constituting the 596 relevant patent families, 84% are active (pending or granted) and 16% are inactive (revoked, expired or lapsed).

In addition, even if first patents for embedded IC are quite old, this technology is very young with regard to the number of patents pending!

About 180 assignees are involved in embedded die technologies while the top 10 assignees represent 53% of patents filed in the Embedded die domain. Main business model involved in this area is substrate & PCB makers (which have been strongly involved in the PCB and back-end industries for a while) but we found a significant number of IDMs and OSATs which are looking closer and closer to this packaging technology.

Patents in the embedded domain are mainly filed by firms or universities located in Korea (33%), Japan (21%) and USA (19%). Japanese and American players were the early adopters of the technology and they are still deeply involved in this business. Korea emerged as new key player in 2005.

We selected 10 companies among the most active players identified in this complete statistical analysis to lead an accurate description of their patent portfolios.

The report also provides a database of all the relevant patents we have analyzed in an Excel file, which allows multi-criteria searches. The criteria are basically those we used for the technological segmentation:

  • Patent information: Patent publication number, link to the PDF, document, oldest priority date, title, assignee, patent potential ranking, nb of citing patent families
  • Technological segmentation: chip placement / bonding, tape lamination, RDL, passivation & balling

This complete description of the patent landscape is included in the first part of the report and provides all the background material for the analysis of the embedded IC in package landscape. The report provides a complete analysis of the patent landscape including geographical origins of the patents, company or R&D organizations that have been granted the patents, historical data on when the companies have applied for patents in the last 20 years, inventors of the patents, expiration status, R&D collaborations.

Detailed analysis of the TOP 10 patent assignees for Embeded IC technology

The report provides a deep dive into each of the patent portfolios of Yole Développement selected assignees, including SEMCO, ASE, Samsung, Unimicron, Intel, Imbera, Shinko, Murata, LG Innotek, Daeduck. For each of these companies, the report provides an in-depth analysis of the patent portfolio, highlighting the following points:

  • Company profile
  • Company patent portfolio evolution
  • Countries of deposition and origin of the patents
  • Top inventors
  • Technical segmentation of each patent portfolio
  • Patent portfolio analysis for each manufacturing process step and architecture
  • Main technical innovations

This analysis by company provides an in-depth view of the strengths and weaknesses of each patent portfolio and of the developments now implemented by each company.

An Exhaustive Comparison between Patent and Existing Products
The report also includes a comparison between the 2 identified existing products using Embedded IC technology, currently used for DCDC converter packaging:

  • TI MicroSiP packaged by AT&S
  • Rohm device packaged by EPCOS TDK

For each of these 2 packages, an exhaustive comparison is provided between the real process flow (recreated by reverse engineering during a teardown) and the identified patents. The process enables an overview of the real material, process techniques and architectures that are in production today.

An Overall Patent Ranking to Identify The Most Promising Patents!

A ranking of the most important patents is provided in this report in order to highlight the most promising: which of all the analyzed documents could be blocking, which company owns which patents and the content of each patent. The ranking is based on a unique 14 parameter methodology which has been developed by Yole Développement:

  • Description
  • Independent claims
  • Life expected
  • Applicant type
  • Innovation intensity of application field
  • Market size
  • Geographical application
  • Legal status
  • Geographical protection
  • Competitor type
  • Technology infringement capability
  • Innovation type
  • Application filed

These parameters enable Yole Développement to evaluate patent potential through 4 dimensions. The final patent potential score is an average of the scores for each parameter. A score between 1 and 10 is thus calculated for each dimension and for the global patent potential.

Methodology of the Analysis

Based on requests to Fampat / Micropatent, and several other databases, Yole Développement has developed a unique methodology to define a technical segmentation of the patent landscape and define which patents are the most innovative, either for future use or already in production. Yole Développement, by mixing its technical knowledge and business understanding with patent searches, is able to provide unique analysis and added value in this report.

Objectives of the Report

  • Overview of « who is owning what » in terms of patents for the embedded IC in Package technologies, plus a dedicated focus on 10 players we consider as the most active in this area
  • Presentation of the industrial and business status of the embedded IC in Package today
  • Definition and delivery of a database of all the relevant patents with technological segmentation
  • Detailed architecture to be implemented
  • Identification of key patents and the owners of such patents
  • Patent ranking and identification of the most promising patents to be used soon in future products
  • Analyze key patents to identify structuring concepts from a technological or an industrial point of view, leading to business and strategic conclusions

Key Features of the Report

  • Statistical analysis of existing IP to give a landscape overview and understand:
  • The evolution of patent families
  • Who are the main players involved in this field
  • In-depth analysis on 10 player portfolios selected by Yole Développement
  • Focus on SEMCO, ASE, Samsung, Unimicron, Intel, Imbera, Shinko, Murata, LG Innotek, Daeduck:
  • Company profile
  • Patent evolution chart
  • Patent mapping for Embedded IC basic bricks
  • Patent mapping for new architectures
  • In-depth analysis of the main process steps
  • Patent ranking and detailed analysis of the key patents
  • Comparison and matching between existing product process flows (reconstituted from teardowns) and related patents

Companies Cited in the Report

Amkor, Analog Devices, ASE, AT&S, Casio, Ciretec, CMK, Continental, CSR, Daeduck, Denso, Dialog Semi, Dyconnex, Epcos, Fairchild, Flip Chip International, Fraunhofer IZM, Fujitsu, Hermes, Ibiden, Imbera, IMEC, Intel, Ipdia, LG, Maxim, Microchip, Murata, National Semiconductor, NEC, Nepes, nVidia, NXP, OKI, On Semi, Panasonic, Qualcomm, Rambus, Renesas, Samsung, SEMCO, Schweizer, Shinko, Sony, SPIL, STATS ChipPAC, STEricsson, STMicroelectronics, TDK, Taiyo Yuden, Texas Instruments, Toshiba, Unimicron, UTAC, VTI (Murata).

Embedded Die in Package Patent Investigation

Table of Contents

Context and objectives

Introduction to embedded IC market and technology

Methodology for patent screening and analysis

IP landscape overview

Global patent ranking and patent potential analysis

Key player patent portfolio analysis
Focus on SEMCO
Focus on Samsung
Focus on Intel
Focus on Shinko
Focus on LG Innotek
Focus on ASE
Focus on Unimicron
Focus on Imbera
Focus on Murata
Focus on Daeduck

Link with existing product and commercialized solutions

Conclusions and perspectives

Introduction & presentation of Yole Développement activity

Published By: Yole Developpement
Product Code: Yole Developpement1087

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