Specialty Films to 2017

Published: May 2013
No. of Pages: 269

US demand to rise 5.1% annually through 2017

US demand for specialty films is expected to grow 5.1 percent annually to $8.0 billion in 2017. Expansion of the market will be fostered by the increasing need for high-performance plastic films that offer such advantages as barrier properties, mechanical strength, and chemical resistance in packaging and construction applications. Additionally, the penetration of specialty films into high-growth market areas such as photovoltaic modules biodegradable products, and pharmaceuticals will bolster demand. The expansion of modified atmosphere packaging and case-ready packaging will fuel further gains, as will improved processing methods in film coating and metallization. However, demand growth will be inhibited by market maturity or weak demand for end-use products in a number of specialty film applications, such as conductive and insulative films in consumer electronics, microporous films for personal care products, and interlayer films for automotive windows.

Barrier films to remain largest product segment

Barrier films will remain the largest segment of the specialty film industry, accounting for nearly two-thirds of total demand in 2017. Growth will be driven by the continued expansion of packaging requiring high barrier properties for an array of products. However, the most rapid growth in specialty films will occur in biodegradable and water soluble films, which will see robust gains from a small base. Demand for biodegradable films, which are used to produce compostable packaging and plastic bags, will benefit from environmental concerns and increased commercialization of bio-based polymers. Water soluble film demand will
be driven by innovations in medicinal and health products in dissolvable thin film form and increased use of dissolvable laundry bags in hospitals and other health care facilities.

Light control films will exhibit above average growth in demand as a result of the favorable outlook for the building construction and photovoltaic markets. In both new construction and home improvements, the growing demand for more energy efficient buildings will fuel demand for window films designed to block infrared radiation while allowing in visible light. Growth in the photovoltaic market will also benefit light control films used as frontsheets. These films allow for light transmission necessary for solar energy generation, while featuring superior mechanical strength, weatherability, and flexibility. Conductive and insulative films will also be fueled by the growing solar energy market, where they are used for backsheets and encapsulants in photovoltaic modules.

Medical, drug uses to pace dominant packaging market

The packaging market will be the leading outlet for specialty films, accounting for more than two-thirds of demand in 2017. Gains will be driven by packaging for medical products and pharmaceuticals needed to care for an aging population as well as by antistatic packaging used to protect electronic components. However, the fastest growth will be in construction applications, as vapor barrier, security, and light control films benefit from the increase in building construction activity. The electronics market will also register above average growth, largely driven by films used in the production of photovoltaic modules.

Company Profiles

Profiles 34 industry players such as Bemis, DuPont, Eastman Chemical and Sealed Air

Additional Information

This comprehensive study examines the US specialty films industry by function, resin, and market. Products covered include polyolefin films, polyester films, polyvinyl butyral films, nylon films, ethylene vinyl alcohol films, fluoropolymer films, polyvinylidene chloride films, and other specialty films. Applications include barrier films, microporous films, safety and security films, conductive and insulative films, light control films, biodegradable films, water soluble films, and others. Markets include packaging, personal care products, electronics, transportation equipment, construction, and others. Historical data are provided for 2002, 2007, and 2012 with forecasts for the years 2017 and 2022. “Demand” is defined as being equal to production plus imports minus exports. This is synonymous with terms such as “sales” and “apparent consumption.” Data are presented in millions of US dollars.

Specialty films are defined as plastic films which employ higher-value resins and/or are modified (e.g., coated, metallized, with additives) in such a way as to impart special functionality. Excluded from the study are laminates of conventional films with foils, paper, or other commodity materials. Also excluded are highly mature and declining markets such as cellophane film, photographic film, and magnetic audio and video film.

Specialty Films to 2017

Table of Contents

Introduction x

I. Executive Summary 1

II. Market Environment 4
General 4
Macroeconomic Overview 5
Demographic Trends 8
Consumer Spending Trends 12
Manufacturing Trends 15
Plastic Film Industry Overview 19
Technological Developments 21
Raw Materials 25
Pricing Trends 27
Historical Market Trends 29
Regulatory & Environmental Considerations 32
Foreign Trade 34
International Activity 35

III. Functions 37
General 37
Barrier Films 39
Oxygen & Other Gas Barrier Films 41
Moisture Barrier Films 44
Corrosion Barrier Films 47
Other Barrier Films 49
Microporous Films 50
Safety & Security Films 53
Interlayer Products 55
Surface Products 57
Conductive & Insulative Films 60
Light Control Films 63
Biodegradable Films 66
Water Soluble Films 69
Other Functions 72

IV. Resins 75
General 75
Polyolefins 77
Polyester Films 80
Polyethylene Terephthalate Films 82
Other Polyester Films 84
Nylon Films 86
Polyvinyl Butyral Films 88
Ethylene Vinyl Alcohol Films 90
Fluoropolymer Films 93
Polyvinylidene Chloride Films 97
Other Resins 99
Polyimide Films 100
Bio-Based Polymer Films 101
Polyvinyl Chloride Films 103
All Other Specialty Films 104

V. Markets 107
General 107
Packaging 109
Packaging Market Overview 110
Specialty Films Demand 112
Meat, Poultry, & Seafood 114
Snacks 118
Produce 120
Other Food 122
Pharmaceutical & Medical 123
Other Nonfood 126
Personal Care Products 127
Disposable Hygiene Products Outlook 127
Specialty Films Demand 130
Electronics 132
Electronic Components Industry Overview 132
Specialty Films Demand 133
Printed Circuits 135
Photovoltaic Modules 137
Displays 140
Other Electronics 142
Transportation Equipment 144
Transportation Equipment Industry Overview 144
Specialty Films Demand 147
Automotive 148
Aerospace & Other Transportation 150
Construction 152
Construction Industry Outlook 152
Specialty Films Demand 155
Windows 157
Safety & Security Films 159
Light Control Films 161
Vapor Barriers 162
Other Construction 163
Other Markets 164
Health & Medical Products 165
Bags 166
All Other Markets 167

VI. Industry Structure 169
General 169
Market Share 172
Acquisitions & Divestitures 175
Cooperative Agreements 180
Marketing & Distribution 181
Research & Development 183
Competitive Strategies 184
Company Profiles 186
AEP Industries Incorporated 187
Akzo Nobel NV 188
Allied Plastics Holdings, see Sigma Plastics Group
Amcor Limited 190
AmTopp, see Inteplast Group
Applied Extrusion Technologies, see Taghleef Industries
Avery Dennison Corporation 192
Bekaert (NV) SA 194
Bemis Company Incorporated 196
Berry Plastics Corporation 201
Beta Plastics, see Sigma Plastics Group
Cargill Incorporated 203
Cereplast Incorporated 205
Clopay Plastic Products, see Griffon
Cortec Corporation 206
Cryovac, see Sealed Air
Curwood, see Bemis
Dow Chemical Company 209
DuPont (EI) de Nemours 210
Eastman Chemical Company 215
Evonik Industries AG 218
Exopack Holding Corporation 220
Filmtech, see Sigma Plastics Group
FlexSol Packaging, see Sigma Plastics Group
Griffon Corporation 223
Honeywell International Incorporated 225
Hood Companies 227
Innovia Films Limited 228
Inteplast Group Limited 229
ISO Poly Films, see Sigma Plastics Group
Kaneka Corporation 230
Klöckner Pentaplast Group 232
Kuraray Company Limited 234
Lintec Corporation 237
MACtac, see Bemis
Madico, see Lintec
Milprint, see Bemis
Mitsubishi Chemical Holdings Corporation 240
MonoSol, see Kuraray
NatureWorks, see Cargill
Noltex, see Mitsubishi Chemical Holdings
Perfecseal, see Bemis
Pregis Corporation 242
Printpack Incorporated 243
Raven Industries Incorporated 245
SABIC Innovative Plastics US, see Saudi Basic Industries
Saint-Gobain 247
Saudi Basic Industries Corporation 250
Sealed Air Corporation 253
Sigma Plastics Group 255
Solar Gard Specialty Films, see Saint-Gobain
Soliant, see Akzo Nobel
Taghleef Industries LLC 258
3M Company 259
Toray Industries Incorporated 263
Tredegar Corporation 265
Other Companies Mentioned in the Study 267

List of Tables

Section I -- Executive Summary
Summary Table 3

Section II -- Market Environment
1 Macroeconomic Indicators 8
2 Population & Households 12
3 Personal Consumption Expenditures 15
4 Manufacturers’ Shipments 19
5 Plastic Films Demand 21
6 Specialty Films Raw Material Demand 27
7 Specialty Films Market, 2002-2012 31

Section III -- Functions
1 Specialty Films Demand by Function 38
2 Barrier Films Demand 41
3 Oxygen & Other Gas Barrier Films Demand 44
4 Moisture Barrier Films Demand 46
5 Corrosion Barrier Films Demand 48
6 Other Barrier Films Demand 50
7 Microporous Films Demand 53
8 Safety & Security Films Demand 55
9 Interlayer Safety & Security Films Demand 57
10 Surface Safety & Security Films Demand 59
11 Conductive & Insulative Films Demand 63
12 Light Control Films Demand 66
13 Biodegradable Films Demand 69
14 Water Soluble Films Demand 72
15 Other Specialty Films Demand by Function 74

Section IV -- Resins
1 Specialty Films Demand by Resin 76
2 Specialty Polyolefin Films Demand 80
3 Specialty Polyester Films Demand 82
4 Specialty Nylon Films Demand 88
5 Specialty Polyvinyl Butyral Films Demand 90
6 Specialty Ethylene Vinyl Alcohol Films Demand 93
7 Specialty Fluoropolymer Films Demand 97
8 Specialty Polyvinylidene Chloride Films Demand 99
9 Other Specialty Films Demand by Resin 100

Section V -- Markets
1 Specialty Films Demand by Market 108
2 Packaging Supply & Demand 112
3 Packaging Markets for Specialty Films 113
4 Meat, Poultry, & Seafood Packaging Market for Specialty
Films 118
5 Snack Packaging Market for Specialty Films 120
6 Produce Packaging Market for Specialty Films 122
7 Other Food Packaging Market for Specialty Films 123
8 Pharmaceutical & Medical Packaging Market for Specialty
Films 125
9 Other Nonfood Packaging Market for Specialty Films 127
10 Disposable Hygiene Product Sales 129
11 Personal Care Products Market for Specialty Films 132
12 Electronic Components Shipments 133
13 Electronics Market for Specialty Films 135
14 Printed Circuit Board Market for Specialty Films 137
15 Photovoltaic Module Market for Specialty Films 140
16 Display Market for Specialty Films 142
17 Other Electronics Market for Specialty Films 144
18 Transportation Equipment Shipments 147
19 Transportation Market for Specialty Films 148
20 Automotive Market for Specialty Films 150
21 Aerospace & Other Transportation Market for Specialty
Films 152
22 Construction Expenditures 155
23 Construction Market for Specialty Films 157
24 Window Market for Specialty Films 159
25 Vapor Barrier Market for Specialty Films 163
26 Other Construction Market for Specialty Films 164
27 Other Markets for Specialty Films 165

Section VI -- Industry Structure
1 US Specialty Film Sales by Company, 2012 170
2 Selected Acquisitions & Divestitures 179
3 Selected Cooperative Agreements 181

List of Charts

Section II -- Market Environment
1 Specialty Films Market, 2002-2012 32

Section III -- Functions
1 Specialty Films Demand by Function, 2012 39

Section IV -- Resins
1 Specialty Films Demand by Resin, 2012 77

Section V -- Markets
1 Specialty Films Demand by Market, 2012 109

Section VI -- Industry Structure
1 Specialty Films Market Share, 2012 173

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