Building Maintenance Services to 2017

Published: April 2013
No. of Pages: 298

This study analyzes the US building maintenance service industry. It presents historical demand data for the years 2002, 2007 and 2012, and forecasts for 2017 and 2022 by service type (e.g., landscaping, pest control, exterior building, swimming pool, snowplowing, building systems, restroom), market (residential, nonresidential) and US geographic region. The study also considers market environment factors, details industry structure and competitive strategies, evaluates company market share and profiles industry competitors.

US revenues to grow 4.3% annually through 2017

Revenues for contract (non-proprietary) building maintenance services are forecast to grow 4.3 percent per year through 2017 to $176.5 billion. This rate is an improvement over the level posted in the 2007-2012 period, as growth was hindered by the recession and subsequent slow recovery. During this downturn, many establishments in the nonresidential market reduced or eliminated spending on these services given that they are not revenue-generating areas, and a number of homeowners opted to perform maintenance services themselves. Going forward, as economic prospects improve, many consumers will again select to outsource building maintenance services This will propel a return to the trend of “do-it-for-me” rather than “do-ityourself” services; however, the outsourcing trend is maturing in some markets. Additionally, while a high level of price competition from a large number of service providers keeps prices low and makes these services affordable to a larger share of the population, it will restrain further gains in value terms.

Interior cleaning, pest control to grow fastest

Building maintenance services include landscaping, interior building cleaning, pest control, exterior building cleaning, street and parking lot maintenance, swimming pool cleaning, and other services (e.g., HVAC and other building system maintenance). In 2012, landscaping accounted for the largest share of building maintenance service revenues with 49 percent. This segment benefits from the availability of these services at a variety of frequency and price levels, from weekly lawn mowing and seasonal fertilization to more intensive services such as tree installation or removal. Through 2017, pest control is projected to achieve the fastest growth, as an increase in certain pest populations, growing concern for environmental health and safety, and increasing regulation in the handling and storage of pesticide chemicals will promote the hiring of contracted extermination professionals. Interior building cleaning services, which had the second largest share of sales in 2012 with 34 percent, will also generate above average gains through the forecast period, as will swimming pool cleaning and maintenance services.

Residential maintenance to be fastest growing market

Virtually every segment of the economy uses some degree of building maintenance services, though the types and amount of services needed can vary substantially by market. The nonresidential market accounted for the majority of building maintenance service revenues in 2012 with 55 percent of the total. For many nonresidential markets, building maintenance functions are essential to present a safe, clean, and well-maintained facility for customers and employees. However, in many cases these operations are outside the core capabilities of the business and so they often contract with building maintenance companies. Through 2017, the residential market will be the faster growing market. Gains will be driven by a rebound in residential construction spending and an acceleration in disposable income. Additional growth will stem from a number of demographic trends, including the graying of the population and a rising number of dualincome families, as fewer homeowners will have the time, inclination, or ability to perform these services themselves.

Company Profiles

Profiles for 30 US industry competitors such as ABM Industries, Chem-Dry, CleanNet USA, Jani-King, JAN-PRO, Rollins, ServiceMaster, and Sodexo

Additional Information

This study analyzes the US market for contract building maintenance services. Historical data are provided for 2002, 2007, and 2012, with forecasts for 2017 and 2022. Data are presented for US building maintenance service revenues in millions of US dollars by type of service (e.g., landscaping, interior building cleaning, pest control exterior building cleaning, street and parking lot cleaning and maintenance, swimming pool cleaning, and other services such as building systems maintenance, including HVAC), as well as by market and region.

The entire study is framed within the overall industry’s economic, technological, and market environment. In addition, major building maintenance service providers are identified and profiled, and the key competitive variables are discussed. The study does not include services provided by proprietary (or in-house) staff, only those services contracted out to third parties. In addition, the study does not include restoration or remediation services, as they are not part of regular maintenance activities.

Tabular details may not add to totals due to rounding, and some ratios are based on unrounded numbers. Macroeconomic indicators presented in this study were obtained from The Freedonia Group Consensus Forecasts dated February 2013. Because of the Bureau of Economic Analysis’ use of chain weighted price indexes, inflation-adjusted gross domestic product components (2005 dollars) do not necessarily add to the total.

Information and data on building maintenance services were obtained from a variety of sources including government and trade associations, industry participants, online databases, and other Freedonia studies. Primary information was gathered through consultations with officers and marketing/technical personnel of participating companies and other industry specialists.

Building Maintenance Services to 2017

Table Of Contents

Introduction XI

I. Executive Summary 1

II. Market Environment 4

General 4
Macroeconomic Environment 4
Demographic Trends 7
Employment Outlook 11
Consumer Spending Trends 13
Building Construction Trends 15
Residential 17
Housing Outlook 19
Nonresidential 23
Nonresidential Building Stock 25
Business Establishment Trends 27
Nonresidential Floor Space Trends 30
Service Sector Trends 32
Regulatory Trends & Issues 35
Privacy Laws 36
Indoor Air Quality 37
Chemical Regulations 38
Other Worker Safety Regulations 40
Training & Licensing Regulations 42
FTC Franchise Rule 43
Others 43
International Environment 45

III. Services 48
General 48
Landscaping 51
Industry Characteristics 53
Types 55
Lawn & Garden Services 55
Tree & Shrub Services 57
Markets 59
Establishment & Employment Trends 62
Market Share 64
Interior Building Cleaning Services 67
Industry Characteristics 70
Types 71
General Cleaning 72
Floors & Fabrics 74
Restroom Deodorizing & Maintenance 78
Establishment & Employment Trends 80
Market Share 83
Pest Control 86
Industry Characteristics 89
Establishment & Employment Trends 90
Market Share 92
Street & Parking Lot Cleaning & Maintenance 95
Types 98
Snowplowing 98
Other Street & Parking Lot Cleaning & Maintenance 100
Establishment & Employment Trends 101
Exterior Building Cleaning Services 103
Types 105
Chimney Cleaning & Maintenance 105
Window Cleaning 106
Gutter Cleaning & Maintenance 108
Other Exterior Building Services 108
Establishment & Employment Trends 110
Swimming Pool Cleaning & Maintenance 111
Industry Characteristics 114
Establishment & Employment Trends 114
Other Building Maintenance Services 115
Building Systems Maintenance & Cleaning 117
All Other Building Maintenance Services 120
Establishment & Employment Trends 121

IV. Markets 122
General 122
Nonresidential 125
Institutional 129
Office 133
Commercial 136
Industrial 139
Other Nonresidential Markets 142
Residential 145
Landscaping 148
Interior Building Cleaning Services 149
Pest Control 150
Street & Parking Lot Cleaning & Maintenance 151
Exterior Building Cleaning Services 151
Swimming Pool Cleaning & Maintenance 152
Other Building Maintenance Services 153

V. Regions 154
General 154
Regional Demographic & Economic Trends 154
Population Patterns 155
Economic Outlook 158
Nonresidential Floor Space 160
Housing Outlook 162
Regional Building Maintenance Service Revenues 164
Regional Market Profile 167
Northeast 170
Revenues by Type 172
Revenues by Subregion & Market 173
New England 174
Middle Atlantic 175
Markets 176
Midwest 177
Revenues by Type 180
Revenues by Subregion & Market 182
East North Central 183
West North Central 184
Markets 185
South 185
Revenues by Type 187
Revenues by Subregion & Market 189
South Atlantic 190
East South Central 192
West South Central 193
Markets 194
West 195
Revenues by Type 197
Revenues by Subregion & Market 200
Mountain 201
Pacific 203
Markets 204

VI. Industry Structure 205
General 205
Industry Composition 206
Market Share 210
Competitive Strategies 214
Franchising 217
Outsourcing 221
Marketing 223
Mergers & Acquisitions 225
Cooperative Agreements 229
Company Profiles 231
ABM Industries Incorporated 232
Air Serv, see ABM Industries Ambius, see Rentokil Initial ARAMARK Corporation 236
Antimite Termite and Pest Control, see ServiceMaster Bartlett (FA) Tree Expert Company 238
Bonus of America Incorporated 239
Brickman Group Limited 240
Calvert-Jones, see ABM Industries
CleanNet USA Incorporated 242
Coverall North America Incorporated 243
Crane Pest Control, see Rollins Davey Tree Expert Company 245
Diversco, see ABM Industries Dworsky Landscape Services, see Brickman Group Ecolab Incorporated 247
Eden Advanced Pest Technologies, see Rentokil Initial EMCOR Group Incorporated 249
Fish Window Cleaning Incorporated 251
GCA Services Group Incorporated 252
Harris Research Incorporated 253
Healthcare Services Group Incorporated 254
HHA Services, see ABM Industries HomeTeam Pest Defense, see Rollins ISS A/S 256
JAN-PRO Franchising International Incorporated 258
Jani-King International Incorporated 259
JC Ehrlich, see Rentokil Initial Lawn Doctor Incorporated 261
Linc Group, see ABM Industries Massey Services Incorporated 262
Merry Maids, see ServiceMaster Orkin, see Rollins Pritchard Industries Incorporated 263
Rentokil Initial plc 265
Rollins Incorporated 270
Scotts Miracle-Gro Company 274
ServiceMaster Company 276
Sodexo SA 280
SOS Exterminating, see ServiceMaster Stanley Steemer International Incorporated 282
Swisher Hygiene Incorporated 283
Terminix International, see ServiceMaster TruGreen Companies, see ServiceMaster TruGreen LandCare 284
Turf Management Systems Incorporated 285
US Lawns, see ValleyCrest Companies USM Services Holdings, see EMCOR Group ValleyCrest Companies 286
Waltham Services, see Rollins Western Exterminator, see Rentokil Initial Western Pest Services, see Rollins Other Companies Mentioned in Study 289

List Of Tables

Section I -- Executive Summary
1 Summary Table 3

Section II -- Market Environment
1 Macroeconomic Indicators 7
2 Population & Households 11
3 Personal Consumption Expenditures 15
4 Building Construction Expenditures 17
5 Residential Building Construction Expenditures 19
6 Housing Stock by Type 22
7 Nonresidential Building Construction Expenditures 25
8 Nonresidential Building Stock 27
9 Business Establishments 30
10 Nonresidential Building Floor Space 32

Section III -- Services
1 Building Maintenance Service Revenues by Type 50
2 Landscaping Service Revenues by Type & Market 53
3 Lawn & Garden Service Revenues by Market 57
4 Tree & Shrub Service Revenues 59
5 Landscaping Service Establishments & Employment 64
6 Interior Building Cleaning Revenues by Type & Market 70
7 General Cleaning Service Revenues 74
8 Floor & Fabric Cleaning Revenues by Type & Market 78
9 Restroom Deodorizing & Maintenance Service Revenues 80
10 Interior Building Cleaning Establishments & Employment 83
11 Pest Control Service Revenues by Market 88
12 Pest Control Establishments & Employment 92
13 Street & Parking Lot Service Revenues by Type & Market 98
14 Street & Parking Lot Service Establishments & Employment 103
15 Exterior Building Cleaning Service Revenues by Type & Market 104
16 Exterior Building Cleaning Service Establishments & Employment 111
17 Swimming Pool Service Revenues by Market 113
18 Swimming Pool Service Establishments & Employment 115
19 Other Building Maintenance Services by Type & Market 117
20 Building Systems Maintenance Revenues by Type 120
21 Other Building Maintenance Service Establishments & Employment 121

Section IV -- Markets
1 Building Maintenance Service Revenues by Market 124
2 Nonresidential Building Maintenance Service Revenues by Building & Type 128
3 Institutional Building Maintenance Service Revenues by Type 132
4 Office Building Maintenance Service Revenues by Type 135
5 Commercial Building Maintenance Service Revenues by Type 139
6 Industrial Building Maintenance Service Revenues by Type 142
7 Other Nonresidential Building Maintenance Service Revenues by Type 145
8 Residential Building Maintenance Service Revenues by Type 147

Section V -- Regions
1 Resident Population by Region 157
2 Gross Domestic Product by Region 160
3 Nonresidential Floor Space by Region 162
4 Existing Home Sales & Housing Stock by Region 164
5 Building Maintenance Service Revenues by Region 166
6 Regional Building Maintenance Service Market Profile, 2012 169
7 Northeast Building Maintenance Service Revenues by Type 171
8 Northeast Building Maintenance Service Revenues by Subregion & Market 174
9 Midwest Building Maintenance Service Revenues by Type 180
10 Midwest Building Maintenance Service Revenues by Subregion & Market 183
11 South Building Maintenance Service Revenues by Type 187
12 South Building Maintenance Service Revenues by Subregion & Market 190
13 West Building Maintenance Service Revenues by Type 197
14 West Building Maintenance Service Revenues by Subregion & Market 201

Section VI -- Industry Structure
1 Building Maintenance Service Revenues for Selected Companies, 2012 208
2 Selected Building Maintenance Service Franchises, 2012 221
3 Selected Acquisitions & Divestitures 228

List Of Charts

Section II -- Market Environment
1 Year of Construction of Housing Stock, 2012 22

Section III -- Services
1 Building Maintenance Service Revenues by Type, 2012 51
2 Landscaping Service Revenues by Market, 2002-2012 62
3 Landscaping Service Market Share, 2012 65
4 Interior Building Cleaning Market Share, 2012 84
5 Pest Control Market Share, 2012 93

Section IV -- Markets
1 Building Maintenance Service Revenues by Market, 2002-2022 124
2 Nonresidential Building Maintenance Service Revenues by Type, 2012 129
3 Residential Building Maintenance Service Revenues by Type, 2012 148

Section V -- Regions
1 Building Maintenance Service Revenues by Region, 2012 167

Section VI -- Industry Structure
1 Building Maintenance Service Market Share, 2012 211

Published By: Freedonia Group
Product Code: Freedonia Group208

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