Survey of Prochloraz in China

Published: April 2013
No. of Pages: 24

Survey of Prochloraz in China is CCM's second edition report on China's prochloraz industry, finished in April 2013. This intelligent report attaches importance to the following aspects:

  • Production summary of prochloraz industry (capacity, output and key manufacturers) and consumption summary by volume in China during 2008–2012
  • Price of prochloraz during 2008–2012
  • Forecast on China's prochloraz industry, 2013–2017
  • Key factors influencing the development of prochloraz industry in China
  • Competitors of prochloraz

What are the aims of this report?

  • To provide readers with comprehensive & in-depth understanding on Chinese prochloraz industry;
  • To identify the major suppliers of prochloraz in China;
  • To survey the current production situation of prochloraz technical;
  • To discuss and analyze the price fluctuations and find out reasons for such fluctuations;
  • To analyze the demand for prochloraz;
  • To reveal current consumption of prochloraz in China;
  • To find out what drives and restricts the development of prochloraz;
  • To predict what the future of China’s prochloraz industry will be.

Survey of Prochloraz in China

Table of Contents

Executive summary

Introduction and methodology

1 Overview of prochloraz industry
1.1 Brief introduction to the pesticide industry
1.2 Brief introduction to the prochloraz industry

2 Production technology of prochloraz

3 Registration situation of prochloraz

4 Supply of prochloraz
4.1 Summary of prochloraz technical production
4.2 Key prochloraz technical manufacturers
4.3 Summary of prochloraz formulations production

5 Circulation situation of prochloraz
5.1 Export situation of prochloraz
5.2 Price of prochloraz

6 Consumption of prochloraz

7 Competitive products of prochloraz

8 Future trend
8.1 Drivers and barriers to prochloraz's development in China
8.2 Supply and demand forecast, 2013–2017

List of Tables

Table 1.1-1 Number of registrations of pesticide formulations by specification, by Jan. 2013
Table 1.1-2 Output structure of pesticides by volume (calculated by 100% technical) in China, 1986–2012 ('000 tonne)
Table 1.1-3 Consumption of pesticides by volume (calculated by technical) in China, 2007–2012, tonne
Table 1.1-4 Import and export of pesticides in China, 2009–2012
Table 1.2-1 Output and consumption share of prochloraz in the fungicide industry in China, 2008–2012
Table 3-1 Valid registrations of prochloraz technical in China, as of March 2013
Table 3-2 Valid registrations of prochloraz formulations in China, as of March 2013
Table 4.2-1 Basic information on the main prochloraz technical manufacturers in China, 2013
Table 4.2-2 Capacity and output of the main prochloraz technical manufacturers in China, 2008–2012
Table 4.3-1 Output of prochloraz formulations by specification in China, 2008–2012, tonne
Table 7-1 Comparison between prochloraz and its major competitors

List of Figures

Figure 1.1-1 Output share of pesticide technical in the major regions of China, 2012
Figure 2-1 Main chemical reaction in prochloraz production
Figure 2-2 Flow chart of prochloraz production process
Figure 4.1-1 Capacity and output of prochloraz technical in China, 2008–2012
Figure 5.2-1 Ex-work price of prochloraz 97% technical in China, 2008–March 2013
Figure 5.2-2 Ex-work price of 97% prochloraz technical and prochloraz 25% EC in China, 2011–March 2013
Figure 6-1 Domestic apparent consumption of prochloraz technical, 2008–2012
Figure 6-2 Domestic consumption of prochloraz formulations, 2008–2012
Figure 6-3 Consumption structure of prochloraz by crops in China, 2012
Figure 8.2-1 Forecast on domestic demand (by 97% technical) of prochloraz in China, 2013–2017
Figure 8.2-2 Output forecast of prochloraz technical in China, 2013–2017

Published By: CCM International
Product Code: CCM International1313

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