Global and China Animation Industry Report, 2012-2015

Published: March 2013
No. of Pages: 116

So far, the output value of global animation industry has reached US$222.8 billion, and animation-related derivatives have exceeded US$500 billion. The animation industry has gradually become a pillar of the national economy and new economic growth engine in some countries. American animation has developed as the America’s sixth largest pillar industry; in Japan, the animation industry has outperformed automobile, iron & steel industries to be the third largest industry; and South Korea has undertaken a nearly 1/3 of the global animation production business.

Compared to the United States, Japan, South Korea and other developed countries, China’s animation industry is still in its infancy. Chinese animation market size in 2012 reached RMB32.1 billion, a year-on-year increase of 24.9%. We hold the opinion that with the start-up of the animation industry chain consumption as well as the support of national policies, there will be more broad space for development of the Chinese animation industry.

For the animation industry, earnings and revenue come not only from the animation content production (cartoons, animation movies, etc.), but also from derivatives (cartoon toys, anime costumes, theme parks, etc.). At present, a complete industrial chain of Chinese animation industry is taking shape, but different from the United States, Japan and other countries, there appears the phenomenon of inverse industrial chain, i.e. some enterprises set out to develop derivatives, and then nurse the original animation, represented by companies with such operation mode including Guangdong Alpha Animation and Culture Co.,Ltd and Guangdong Huawei Toys Craft Co., Ltd..

Alpha Animation has now established a complete animation industry chain, covering content chain (anime images like “Armor Hero”, “Blazing Teens”, “Balala Little Magic Fairy”) – media chain (Jia Jia Cartoon) – toy chain (gyro, etc. series products and channel network) – baby chain (“AUBY”, “LUCKY UNION”, etc. brands and channel network), which is being consistently strengthened through foreign cooperation, investment, mergers and acquisitions.

October 11, 2012, Alpha Animation signed an official agreement with Hasbro in Shanghai. The two sides establish a long-term strategic partnership and co-invest US$15 million to set up joint venture, in a bid to develop and design cartoon toys and related derivative products, distribute products and launch brand licensing on a global scale.

Global and China Animation Industry Report, 2012-2015 mainly covers the followings:

  • Development of global animation industry, including development model and profit model of major global animation industry bases e.g. the United States and Japan’s animation industry;
  • Overview of the Chinese animation industry, covering policy support, market size, business type, development status and future trends;
  • Animation derivative industries in China, involving cartoon toys, anime apparel, theme parks, etc.;
  • 7 multinational companies and 14 Chinese animation companies.

Global and China Animation Industry Report, 2012-2015

Table Of Contents


1. Overview of Animation Industry
1.1 Definition
1.2 Industrial Chain
1.3 Business Model
1.4 Economic Characteristics
1.5 Development Features

2. Animation Industry in Foreign Countries and Regions
2.1 Global Overview
2.2 Animation Industry in the United States
2.2.1 Overview
2.2.2 Development History
2.2.3 Development Model
2.3 Animation Industry in Japan
2.3.1 Overview
2.3.2 Development History
2.3.3 Industrial Chain and Profit Model

3. Overview of China Animation Industry
3.1 Policy Support
3.2 Market Scale
3.3 Enterprises Analysis
3.3.1 Production Type
3.3.2 Media Type
3.3.3 Integrated Operational Type
3.3.4 Summary
3.4 Existing Problems
3.5 Development Prospect

4. Animation Production and Distribution Markets in China
4.1 TV Animation
4.2 Animated Film
4.2.1 Market Scale
4.2.2 Output
4.3 Cartoon

5. Animation Derivative Industry
5.1 Analysis of Mobile Phone Animation
5.1.1 Development Environment
5.1.2 Development Potential
5.1.3 Development Bottlenecks
5.2 Analysis of Animation Derivative Product
5.2.1 Animation Toy
5.2.2 Animation Apparel
5.2.3 Theme Park
5.3 Analysis of Animation Industry Base
5.3.1 Overview
5.3.2 Operation Mode

6. Typical Enterprises in Global Animation Industry
6.1 Disney
6.1.1 Profile
6.1.2 Operation
6.1.3 Acquisition of Lucasfilm
6.1.4 Industrial Architecture and Business Model
6.2 Bandai Namco Group
6.2.1 Profile
6.2.2 Operation
6.2.3 Strategy
6.3 DreamWorks
6.3.1 Profile
6.3.2 Operation
6.4 Pixar Animation
6.4.1 Profile
6.4.2 Opeation
6.5 Toei Animation
6.5.1 Profile
6.5.2 Operation
6.6 Sotsu
6.6.1 Profile
6.6.2 Operation
6.7 Studio Ghibli

7. Typical Enterprises in China''s Animation Industry
7.1.1 Profile
7.1.2 Development Course
7.1.3 Operation
7.1.4 Revenue Structure
7.1.5 Competitive Edge
7.1.6 Cooperation with Hasbro
7.1.7 Comprehensive Development
7.1.8 Performance Forecast
7.2 Talkweb
7.2.1 Profile
7.2.2 Development Course
7.2.3 Operation
7.2.4 Revenue Structure
7.2.5 Animation Business
7.2.6 Gross Margin
7.2.7 Strategy
7.2.8 Performance Forecast
7.3 Toonmax Media
7.3.1 Profile
7.3.2 Operation
7.3.3 Cooperation with BESTV
7.4 Huawei Technology
7.4.1 Profile
7.4.2 Main Products
7.4.3 Operation
7.4.4 Revenue Structure
7.4.5 Gross Margin
7.4.6 R&D Investment
7.4.7 "Animation + Toy" Business Model
7.4.8 Major Clients
7.4.9 Major Projects
7.4.10 Performance Forecast
7.5 GDC
7.5.1 Profile
7.5.2 Development Course
7.5.3 Operation
7.6 Creative Power Entertaining
7.7 Jiang Toon Animation Co., Ltd.
7.7.1 Profile
7.7.2 Operation
7.7.3 Strategy
7.8 Greatdreams
7.8.1 Profile
7.8.2 Development History
7.8.3 Operation
7.9.1 Profile
7.9.2 Development Course
7.11 Sunchime Cartoon
7.12 Zhongnan Group Cartoon Television
7.13 Sanpu Smart Fox
7.14 Shanmao Cartoon

List Of Charts

Industrial Chain of Animation Industry
Business Model of Animation Industry
Characteristics of "Industrial Culturalization" and " Cultural Industrialization"
Themes included in Classic Cartoon Images in America and Japan
Broadcast of Classic Cartoon Images
Correlation Effects of Animation Industry
Support Policy and Influence of Animation Industry in Developed Nations
Support Measures of Overseas Animation Industry
Development History of American Animation Industry
Development History of Japanese Animation Industry
Japanese Animation Industry Chain
Policies Support on China Animation Industry
Market Scale of Animation Industry in China, 2007-2015E
Six Animation Satellite TV Channels in China
Revenue Structure of Animation Industry in China, 2010
Complete Industrial Chain of China Animation
Output and Growth Rate of Domestic TV Cartoon in China, 2000-2011
Domestic TV Cartoon Market Scale of Growth Rate in China, 20007-2012
Market Scale and Growth Rate of Animated Films in China, 2007-2012
Box Office of Animated Films in China, 2012
Contribution of Animated Films to Total Box Office in China, 2007-2011
TOP5 Animated Films in China (by Box Office), 2008-2011
Box Office of Some Animated Films in China
Size of Mobile Internet Users and Its Penetration Rate, 2005-2012
Size of Mobile Phone Netizens and Its Proportion in China
Per Capita Consumption Expenditure of Children in Major Countries, 2010
Export Value and YoY Growth Rate of Chinese Toys, 2000-2012
Market Scale of Animation Costume, 2000-2012
Domestic Animation Apparel Enterprises in China
New Animation Theme Parks to be Built in China, 2010-2012
Regional Distribution of Animation Industry Bases
Authority of Animation Industry Base
Types of Animation Industry Bases in China
Operation Mode of China Animation Industry Base
Profile of Disney
Revenue and Net Income of Disney, FY2010-FY2013
Revenue and Operating Income of Disney (by Business), FY2010-FY2012
Revenue and Operating Income of Disney (by Business), FY2013Q1
Quantity and Distribution of Disneyland, 2012
Value Chain of Disney Brand
Industry Structure of Disney Brand
Business Model of Disney
Net Sales and Net Income of Bandai Namco Group, FY2008-FY2012
Net Sales Structure of Bandai Namco Group, FY2012
Revenue and Structure of Bandai Namco Group, FY2013Q1-Q3
Net Sales and Operating Income of Bandai Namco Group, FY2013H1
Development Plan of Bandai Namco Group
Box Office of Animated Films of DreamWorks, 1998-2012
Profile of Pixar Animation
Box Office of Animated Films of Pixar Animation
Production Process of Cartoon Images of Toei Animation
Global Distribution of Toei Animation
Main Operating Indicators of Toei Animation, FY2009-FY2013
Main Operating Indicators of Toei Animation, FY2013
Main Operating Indicators of Sotsu, FY2013Q1
Sales and Profit of Sotsu, FY2009-FY2012
Box Office of Animated Films of Studio Ghibli
Development Course of Alpha Animation, 2011-2012
Revenue and Net Income of Alpha Animation, 2009-2012
Revenue of Alpha Animation (by Business), 2012
Revenue of Alpha Animation (by Region), 2006-2012
Gross Margin of Toy Business of Alpha Animation, 2009-2012
Business of Alpha Animation
Industry Chain of Alpha Animation
Revenue and Net Income of ALPHA, 2012-2015E
Development History of Talkweb
Revenue and Net Income of Talkweb, 2009-2012
Revenue Structure of Talkweb (by Products), 2011-2012
Revenue Structure of Talkweb (by Regions), 2010-2012
Eight Segments Bases of China Mobile and Its Cooperation with Talkweb
Development Mode of Cultural and Creative Business of Talkweb
Gross Margin of Talkweb, 2009-2015E
Gross Margin of Talkweb (by Products), 2012H1
Transition Strategy of Talkweb
Revenue and Net Income of Talkweb, 2012-2015E
Business Operation of Toonmax Media
Major Products of Huawei Technology
Revenue and Net Income of Huawei Technology, 2009-2012
Revenue Structure of Huawei Technology (by Segments), 2009-2012
Revenue Structure of Huawei Technology (by Region), 2010-2012
Gross Margin of Huawei Technology, 2009-2012
R&D Costs and % of Total Revenue of Huawei Technology, 2009-2012
Process of “Animation + Toy” Business Model of Huawei Technology
Huawei Technology’s Revenue from Top 5 Clients and % of Total Revenue, 2012H1
Fund-Raising Projects of Huawei Technology (by June 2012)
Animation Production Projects of Huawei Technology
Marketing Networks Projects of Huawei Technology
Revenue and Net Income of Huawei Technology, 2012-2015E
Organizing Structure of GDC
Development History of GDC
Main Operating Indicators of GDC, 2012Q1-Q3
Main Operating Indicators of GDC, 2010-2011
Revenue Structure of GDC, 2011
Development History of Greatdreams
Revenue Structure of Greatdreams, 2010
Development History of SKYNET
Development Overview of CCTV Animation Co., Ltd
Animated Works of CCTV ANIMATION.COM
Organizing Structure of Sanpu Smart Fox
Development History of Shanmao Cartoon

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