World Pumps to 2016

Published: January 2013
No. of Pages: 444

This study analyzes the global pump industry. It presents historical demand data for the years 2001, 2006 and 2011, and forecasts for 2016 and 2021 by product (e.g., centrifugal, rotary, reciprocating, diaphragm, turbine, oilfield), market (e.g., process manufacturers, utilities), world region and for major countries. The study also considers market environment factors, details industry structure, evaluates company market share and profiles industry participants.

Global demand to rise 6.4% annually through 2016

Global demand for pumps is forecast to rise 6.4 percent per year through 2016 to $75.4 billion. Although growth will be healthy across the globe (spurred by recovery from the recent economic downturn), the drivers of growth will vary by region. Advances in developing areas such as China and India will result from industrialization, as investment in water infrastructure and electricity generation grows. In developed areas, continued gains in manufacturing output will provide gains in the process manufacturing market. Oil producing nations such as those in the Middle East will see advances due to strong drilling activity. In the US, demand will benefit from the boom in hydraulic fracturing in the oil and gas market.

Improved designs to benefit positive displacement & centrifugal pumps

Among product types, positive displacement pumps will benefit from growth in process manufacturing activity, while the centrifugal pump segment will see gains from growing demand for more versatile, low-maintenance pump models. Each of these segments will also benefit from the development of improved pump designs and the use of new materials.

Process manufacturing market to post strong gains

Process manufacturing will post strong gains in pump demand, driven by growing output in many industries.

Rising standards of living will boost greater capacity in process manufacturing in developed regions. In addition, more stringent environmental regulations will help generate process manufacturing demand for more efficient and better performing fluid handling pumps in developed nations.

Pump demand in the oil and gas market will be fueled by a substantial increase in oil production as the world economy rebounds from the general economic weakness triggered by the 2009 global recession. Growth in oil and gas investment is expected to be especially strong in developing regions, where improving infrastructure will contribute to more drilling activity.

Advances in pump demand in the water infrastructure market will result from two key factors: in developing nations, access to water supply and sanitation will be increased; in developed nations, aging water infrastructure will need repair and upgrade. For example, many current water systems across the world have pipelines over 50 years old, leading to increased main breaks. These trends will benefit demand for water infrastructure equipment such as pumps.

Company Profiles

Profiles 38 global competitors including Ebara, Grundfos, KSB, Sulzer and Xylem

Additional Information

This comprehensive study analyzes the world market for fluid handling pumps. Products covered are general purpose centrifugal; positive displacement (i.e., rotary, reciprocating, and diaphragm); turbine industrial pumps; oilfield and other specialty pumps including domestic water system pumps, sump pumps, and various miscellaneous designs; and pump drivers and other parts and accessories sold separately. Excluded from the scope of the study are fluid power pumps, vacuum pumps, concrete pumps, and automotive pumps.

Historical data (2001, 2006, and 2011) and forecasts for 2016 and 2021 are provided for sales of pumps at the aggregate level on a country-by-country basis, valued in millions of current US dollars, including inflation. The term “demand” refers to “apparent consumption,” and is defined as shipments (also referred to variously as “production,” “output,” or “supply”) from a country's indigenous manufacturing facilities plus imports minus exports. It is used interchangeably with the terms “market,” “sales,” and “consumption.”

A potential source of statistical discrepancy in the historical series for sales is the conversion from national currencies to a common currency, in this case the US dollar. Every effort has been made to adjust compiled data to form a consistent pattern for comparing the various national pump industries and markets.

In addition to providing a market outlook, the study identifies and profiles the major industry participants and discusses the key strategic competitive variables. The entire report is framed within the world pump industry’s economic and market environments, and therefore environmental variables affecting demand are emphasized. World pump market share data by company presented in the “Industry Structure” section are estimated based on consultation with multiple sources.

Data on global pump demand are derived from differing sources and developed from statistical relationships. Variations are commonplace in this type of international reporting and, consequently, data presented in this study are historically consistent but may differ from other sources. Variances may occur because of definitional differences, undistributed exports, inventory accumulations and goods-in-transit. To reduce the impact of such discrepancies, total world pump imports and exports have been assumed to balance in any given year. Tabular details may not always add to totals due to rounding. Ratios are rounded to the nearest significant digit. All dollar values cited for the industry are at the basic manufacturers’ level.

World Pumps to 2016




General 4
World Economic Overview 5
Recent Historical Trends 6
Macroeconomic Outlook 7
World Fixed Investment Overview 11
World Energy Overview 14
Energy Supplies 15
Energy Demand 17
World Oil Industry Trends 19
Crude Production 20
Refined Products 22
Water Utilization Trends 25
World Construction & Infrastructure Trends 28
Pricing Patterns 30
Technology & Material Trends 32
Materials 33
Product Design 34

General 36
Demand by Region 37
Production by Region 41
International Trade 43
Demand by Product 45
Centrifugal 48
Positive Displacement 50
Rotary 52
Reciprocating 54
Diaphragm 56
Other Pumps 58
Oilfield 60
Turbine 62
Specialty & All Other Pumps 64
Drivers, Parts, & Accessories 66
Demand by Market 69
Process Manufacturers 71
Water Infrastructure 73
Oil & Gas 76
Other 79

General 82
Pump Supply & Demand 83
Pump Outlook & Suppliers 85
United States 87
Canada 95
Mexico 102

General 109
Pump Supply & Demand 110
Pump Outlook & Suppliers 113
Germany 115
France 121
United Kingdom 125
Italy 133
Spain 139
Netherlands 144
Other Western Europe 150
Austria 157
Sweden 157
Switzerland 158
Belgium 159
Denmark 159
All Other 160

General 162
Pump Supply & Demand 163
Pump Outlook & Suppliers 166
China 168
Japan 177
India 182
South Korea 190
Australia 195
Indonesia 202
Taiwan 209
Thailand 214
Other Asia/Pacific 220
Singapore 226
Malaysia 226
All Other 227

Central & South America 228
Brazil 233
Other Central & South America 239
Argentina 245
Venezuela 245
All Other Central & South America 247
Eastern Europe 248
Russia 253
Other Eastern Europe 260
Poland 266
Czech Republic 267
Ukraine 268
Hungary 269
All Other Eastern Europe 269
Africa/Mideast 270
Saudi Arabia 276
Iran 282
Other Africa/Mideast 287
Turkey 295
South Africa 295
All Other Africa/Mideast 296

General 298
Industry Composition 299
Market Share 301
Manufacturing 305
Product Development 306
Marketing & Distribution 307
Mergers, Acquisitions, & Divestitures 308
Cooperative Agreements 312
Company Profiles 316
A-C Fire Pump Systems, see Xylem
Alfa Laval AB 317
American Machine and Tool, see Gorman-Rupp
Aurora Pump, see Pentair
Baker Hughes Incorporated 320
Banjo, see IDEX
Bell & Gossett, see Xylem
Binks, see Graco
Blagdon Pump, see IDEX
Blakers Pump Engineers Proprietary, see ITT
Cardo Flow Solutions, see Sulzer
ClydeUnion Pumps, see SPX
Corken, see IDEX
Crane Company 323
Danaher Corporation 326
Delta Environmental Products, see Pentair
Dresser, see General Electric
Ebara Corporation 328
Eccentric Pumps, see Graco
Fairbanks Nijhuis, see Pentair
FE Myers, see Pentair
Flojet, see Xylem
Flowserve Corporation 333
Flowtronex PSI, see Xylem
Flygt, see Xylem
Gardner Denver Incorporated 338
Gasboy, see Danaher
Gast Manufacturing, see IDEX
General Electric Company 342
Gilbarco Veeder-Root, see Danaher
Godiva, see IDEX
Godwin Pumps of America, see Xylem
Gorman-Rupp Company 345
Goulds Pumps, see ITT
Goulds Water Technology, see Xylem
Graco Incorporated 349
Grundfos Holding A/S 353
Hale Products, see IDEX
Haskel International, see United Technologies
Hidrotecar, see Sulzer
Hydromatic Pump, see Pentair
Hypro, see Pentair
IDEX Corporation 361
Illinois Tool Works Incorporated 367
Ingersoll-Rand plc 368
ITT Corporation 370
Jabsco, see Xylem
John Wood Group plc 373
Jung Pumpen US, see Pentair
Knight, see IDEX
KSB AG 375
Kubota Corporation 380
Laing, see Xylem
Lawrence Pumps, see Flowserve
Lowara, see Xylem
Marlow Pumps, see Xylem
Metso Corporation 381
Micropump, see IDEX
Milton Roy, see United Technologies
Moyno, see Robbins & Myers
National Pump, see Gorman-Rupp
Nikkiso-KSB, see KSB
Nocchi Pompe, see Pentair
Oberdorfer Pumps, see Gardner Denver
Onga, see Pentair
Patterson Pump, see Gorman-Rupp
Pentair Limited 385
Procon Products, see Standex International
Pulsafeeder, see IDEX
Putzmeister Holding, see SANY Heavy Industry
R&M Energy Systems, see Robbins & Myers
Red Jacket Water Products, see Xylem
Richter Chemie-Technik, see IDEX
Robbins & Myers Incorporated 393
Robuschi, see Gardner Denver
Rule, see Xylem
SANY Heavy Industry Company Limited 396
Sapphire Engineering, see IDEX
Saudi Pump Factory 398
Schlumberger Limited 399
Shanghai East Pump Group Company Limited 401
Shanghai Electric-KSB Nuclear Pumps and Valves, see
Shanghai Kaiquan Pump Group Company Limited 403
Shanghai Liancheng Group Company Limited 404
SHURflo, see Pentair
SPX Corporation 407
Sta-Rite Industries, see Pentair
Standex International Corporation 413
Sulzer Limited 415
Sundyne, see United Technologies
Tarby, see Robbins & Myers
Trebor International, see IDEX
United Technologies Corporation 423
Viking Pump, see IDEX
Warren Rupp, see IDEX
Weatherford International Limited 426
Weir Group plc 429
Wilo SE 434
Wright Flow Technologies, see IDEX
Xylem Incorporated 437


Summary Table 3

1 World Gross Domestic Product by Region 11
2 World Gross Fixed Investment by Region 13
3 World Energy Production by Type 17
4 World Primary Energy Consumption by Region 19
5 World Oil Products Supply 20
6 World Crude Oil Production by Region 22
7 World Refined Petroleum Products Production by Region 25
8 World Water Use by Region 27
9 World Construction Expenditures by Region 30

1 World Pump Demand by Region 39
2 World Pump Shipments by Region 42
3 World Pump Net Exports by Region 45
4 World Pump Demand by Product 47
5 World Centrifugal Pump Demand by Region 50
6 World Positive Displacement Pump Demand by Region 52
7 World Rotary Pump Demand by Region 54
8 World Reciprocating Pump Demand by Region 56
9 World Diaphragm Pump Demand by Region 58
10 World Demand for Other Pumps Demand
by Product & Region 59
11 World Oilfield Pump Demand by Region 62
12 World Turbine Pump Demand by Region 64
13 World Specialty & All Other Pump Demand by Region 66
14 World Drivers, Parts, & Accessories Demand by Region 69
15 World Pump Demand by Market 70
16 World Process Manufacturers’ Pump Demand by Region 73
17 World Water Infrastructure Pump Demand by Region 76
18 World Oil & Gas Pump Demand by Region 79
19 World Other Pump Markets Demand by Region 81

1 North America: Pump Supply & Demand 84
2 North America: Pump Demand by Type & Market 86
3 United States: Pump Supply & Demand 91
4 United States: Pump Demand by Type & Market 94
5 Canada: Pump Supply & Demand 98
6 Canada: Pump Demand by Type & Market 101
7 Mexico: Pump Supply & Demand 105
8 Mexico: Pump Demand by Type & Market 108

1 Western Europe: Pump Supply & Demand 112
2 Western Europe: Pump Demand by Type & Market 114
3 Germany: Pump Supply & Demand 117
4 Germany: Pump Demand by Type & Market 120
5 France: Pump Supply & Demand 123
6 France: Pump Demand by Type & Market 125
7 United Kingdom: Pump Supply & Demand 129
8 United Kingdom: Pump Demand by Type & Market 132
9 Italy: Pump Supply & Demand 136
10 Italy: Pump Demand by Type & Market 138
11 Spain: Pump Supply & Demand 142
12 Spain: Pump Demand by Type & Market 144
13 The Netherlands: Pump Supply & Demand 147
14 The Netherlands: Pump Demand by Type & Market 149
15 Other Western Europe: Pump Supply & Demand 152
16 Other Western Europe: Pump Demand by Type & Market 154
17 Other Western Europe: Pump Demand by Country 156

1 Asia/Pacific: Pump Supply & Demand 165
2 Asia/Pacific: Pump Demand by Type & Market 167
3 China: Pump Supply & Demand 172
4 China: Pump Demand by Type & Market 176
5 Japan: Pump Supply & Demand 180
6 Japan: Pump Demand by Type & Market 182
7 India: Pump Supply & Demand 186
8 India: Pump Demand by Type & Market 189
9 South Korea: Pump Supply & Demand 193
10 South Korea: Pump Demand by Type & Market 195
11 Australia: Pump Supply & Demand 198
12 Australia: Pump Demand by Type & Market 201
13 Indonesia: Pump Supply & Demand 205
14 Indonesia: Pump Demand by Type & Market 208
15 Taiwan: Pump Supply & Demand 212
16 Taiwan: Pump Demand by Type & Market 214
17 Thailand: Pump Supply & Demand 217
18 Thailand: Pump Demand by Type & Market 219
19 Other Asia/Pacific: Pump Supply & Demand 222
20 Other Asia/Pacific: Pump Demand by Type & Market 224
21 Other Asia/Pacific: Pump Supply & Demand by Country 225

1 Central & South America: Pump Supply & Demand 230
2 Central & South America: Pump Demand
by Type & Market 232
3 Brazil: Pump Supply & Demand 236
4 Brazil: Pump Demand by Type & Market 238
5 Other Central & South America: Pump Supply & Demand 241
6 Other Central & South America: Pump Demand
by Type & Market 243
7 Other Central & South America: Pump Demand by Country 244
8 Eastern Europe: Pump Supply & Demand 250
9 Eastern Europe: Pump Demand by Type & Market 252
10 Russia: Pump Supply & Demand 256
11 Russia: Pump Demand by Type & Market 259
12 Other Eastern Europe: Pump Supply & Demand 262
13 Other Eastern Europe: Pump Demand by Type & Market 264
14 Other Eastern Europe: Pump Demand by Country 266
15 Africa/Mideast: Pump Supply & Demand 273
16 Africa/Mideast: Pump Demand by Type & Market 275
17 Saudi Arabia: Pump Supply & Demand 279
18 Saudi Arabia: Pump Demand by Type & Market 281
19 Iran: Pump Supply & Demand 284
20 Iran: Pump Demand by Type & Market 286
21 Other Africa/Mideast: Pump Supply & Demand 290
22 Other Africa Mideast: Pump Demand by Type & Market 293
23 Other Africa/Mideast: Pump Demand by Country 294

1 World Pump Sales by Company, 2011 300
2 Selected Acquisitions & Divestitures 310
3 Selected Cooperative Agreements 313


1 World Gross Fixed Investment by Region, 2011 14
2 World Pump Price Index, 2001-2021 32

1 World Pump Demand by Region, 2011 40
2 Additional Pump Demand, 2016 vs. 2011 40
3 World Pump Shipments by Region, 2011 43
4 World Pump Demand by Product, 2011 48
5 World Pump Demand by Market, 2011 71

1 World Pump Market Share, 2011 302

Published By: Freedonia Group
Product Code: Freedonia Group177

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