Amines to 2016

Published: December 2012
No. of Pages: 219

This study analyzes the US amines industry. It presents historical demand data for the years 2001, 2006 and 2011, and forecasts for 2016 and 2021 by product (e.g., ethanolamines, alkylamines, fatty amines, specialty amines, ethyleneamines) and market (e.g., agricultural chemicals, cleaning products, personal care products, petroleum, natural gas processing, water treatment). The study also considers market environment factors, details industry structure, evaluates company market share and capacity share, and profiles industry players.

US demand to reach 3.1 billion pounds in 2016

US demand for amines (excluding those used to produce other amines) is forecast to expand nearly 2.2 percent per annum to 3.1 billion pounds in 2016, valued at $4.1 billion. Above average increases in agricultural chemical amine demand will drive growth, as will healthy advances in the large cleaning product and personal care markets. An improved outlook for construction spending will contribute to above average growth in applications such as cement mixtures, coatings, epoxies, resins, and wood treatments. However, maturity in markets such as petroleum operations and water treatment will preclude faster growth for amines, as will a moderation in natural gas production and processing.

Favorable economic conditions to benefit broad range of markets

Rising global demand for agricultural products -- for both food and industrial uses -- will continue to support increased pesticide production, particularly as the planting of herbicide resistant crops continues to expand. While efforts to reduce pesticide consumption through techniques such as integrated pest management will have an impact, overall global pesticide demand will continue to rise, boosting amine demand in pesticide exporting countries such as the US.

Improving economic conditions will lead to healthy growth in amine demand for cleaning and personal care products, particularly as the unemployment rate continues to fall and consumers’ personal economic positions continue to improve. Demand for amines in cleaning and personal care products fell during the recession as businesses and consumers alike looked to reduce expenditures. However, the decline was not as great as
in other markets, and quickly began to recover as the economy improved. The healthy growth going forward will have the biggest impact on fatty amines, which are principally consumed in cleaning product and personal care applications.

Following a protracted period of decline, construction activity in the US is expected to pick up significantly going forward, which in turn will drive amine demand in a number of applications. Sales of cement mixtures, coatings, composites, epoxies, resins, and wood treatments are all expected to expand at an above average pace. Additionally, growth in coatings and resins will be driven by ongoing robust demand for polyetheramines that are a primary component of polyurea coatings and composites. The use of amines for composites and resins will also be supported by advances in wind turbines and in the aerospace industry, though demand in these applications can be volatile due to their dependence on government funding and subsidies.

Most amines to rise at pace close to overall average

While polyetheramines will experience the fastest growth going forward, it will be from a small base. Most other amines will rise at a pace that is around, or just below, the overall average. Specialty and ethylene amines will expand at the slowest pace, though this largely reflects the maturity of key markets such as lubricants, petroleum operations, and water treatment. Additionally, demand for these amines will be restrained by a slowdown in natural gas production and processing following the robust increases in output that resulted from the widespread adoption of hydraulic fracturing and horizontal drilling technologies in shale formations.

Company Profiles

Profiles for 25 competitors in the US industry, including Dow Chemical, DuPont, Huntsman, and Taminco

Additional Information

This study examines the US market for amines by product type (ethanolamines, alkylamines, fatty amines, specialty amines, ethyleneamines, and polyetheramines) and by market (cleaning products, agricultural chemicals, personal care products, natural gas processing, water treatment, lubricants, wood treatment, and other markets). For the purposes of this study, aniline and other nitrogen compounds not listed among the products specified above are excluded, although they are sometimes considered amines. Also excluded from this study is hexamethylenediamine for captive nylon production.

Historical data for 2001, 2006, and 2011 and forecasts for 2016 and 2021 are provided in pounds and current dollars at the manufacturers’ level. The term “demand” refers to US sales or apparent consumption and denotes US production plus imports, less exports and amines used in the manufacture of other amines (to avoid double counting). Tabular details may not add to totals due to independent rounding. Ratios may be rounded for the sake of clarity.

Information on amines was derived from several primary and secondary sources including government agencies, trade associations, industry competitors, online databases, and other Freedonia studies. Background information was obtained from several publications, including Chemical & Engineering News, Chemical Week, and ICIS Chemical Business.

In addition, major manufacturers of amines are identified and profiled, and key industry competitive variables are discussed. The entire report is framed within the amines industry’s macroeconomic, technological, and market environments. Throughout the study, demand for amines is related to various indicators for comparative purposes and to facilitate further analysis. The macroeconomic indicators used in this study were obtained from The Freedonia Group Consensus Forecasts dated August 2012. Corporate sales figures represent estimates based on annual reports, SEC 10-K reports, security analyst reports, corporate product literature, interviews with competitors, and interviews with responsible officers in the companies themselves.

Amines to 2016




General 4
Macroeconomic Outlook 5
Demographic Outlook 8
Consumer Spending Outlook 12
Manufacturing Outlook 15
Historical Market Trends 18
Pricing Patterns 21
Environmental & Regulatory Considerations 23
International Activity 25
Foreign Trade 27
Exports 28
Imports 31

General 33
Ethanolamines 37
Supply & Demand 37
Types 39
Diethanolamine 41
Monoethanolamine 43
Triethanolamine 46
Producers & Capacity 47
Alkylamines 49
Supply & Demand 50
Types 52
Methylamines 53
Dimethylamine 56
Monomethylamine 58
Trimethylamine 59
Other Alkylamines 61
Producers & Capacity 63
Fatty Amines 65
Supply & Demand 66
Types & Markets 67
Producers 69
Specialty Amines 71
Supply & Demand 71
Types 73
Markets 74
Producers 75
Ethyleneamines 77
Supply & Demand 77
Types 79
Ethylenediamine 80
Diethylenetriamine 82
Triethylenetetramine 84
Other Ethyleneamines 85
Producers & Capacity 87
Polyetheramines 88
Supply & Demand 89
Types & Markets 90
Producers 91

General 92
Cleaning Products 95
Cleaning Products Outlook 96
Amines Demand 97
Agricultural Chemicals 99
Agricultural Chemicals Production Outlook 100
Amines Demand 102
Personal Care Products 104
Personal Care Products Outlook 104
Amines Demand 106
Natural Gas Processing 108
Natural Gas Outlook 109
Amines Demand 111
Water Treatment 113
Water Withdrawal & Usage Outlook 114
Amines Demand 117
Lubricants 119
Lubricants Outlook 120
Amines Demand 121
Wood Treatment 123
Residential Construction Outlook 123
Amines Demand 125
Other Markets 126
Rubber 127
Plastics 129
Pharmaceuticals 131
Petroleum 133
Refinery 134
Oilfield 136
All Other Markets 136

General 140
Market Share 142
Capacity Share 145
Mergers & Acquisitions 148
Marketing & Distribution 149
Research & Development 151
Competitive Strategies 152
Company Profiles 156
Akzo Nobel NV 157
Albemarle Corporation 161
Arkema SA 162
Celanese Corporation 168
Chemtura Corporation 169
China Resources Boxing Oleochemicals, see Akzo Nobel
Croda International plc 171
Delamine, see Akzo Nobel and Tosoh
Dow Chemical Company 173
DuPont (EI) de Nemours 179
Equistar Chemicals, see LyondellBasell Industries
Evonik Industries AG 182
Huntsman Corporation 184
INEOS Group Limited 190
INVISTA Sarl, see Koch Industries
Koch Industries Incorporated 192
Lonza Group Limited 194
LyondellBasell Industries NV 196
Mitsubishi Gas Chemical Company Incorporated 198
Mitsui Chemicals Incorporated 201
OXEA GmbH 203
Procter & Gamble Company 204
Rhodia, see Solvay
Sadara Chemical, see Dow Chemical
Solvay SA 205
Taminco NV 208
Te An Ling Tian Nanjing Fine Chemical, see Mitsubishi
Gas Chemical and Taminco
Tosoh Corporation 211
US Amines Limited 213
Additional Companies in the Amines Industry 215


Summary Table 3

1 Macroeconomic Indicators 8
2 Populations & Households 12
3 Personal Consumption Expenditures 15
4 Manufacturers’ Shipments 18
5 Amines Market, 2001-2011 20
6 Amines Pricing 23
7 US Foreign Trade in Amines 28

1 Amines Demand by Product 35
2 Ethanolamines Supply & Demand 39
3 Ethanolamines Demand by Type 40
4 Diethanolamine Demand by Market 43
5 Monoethanolamine Demand by Market 45
6 Triethanolamine Demand by Market 47
7 Ethanolamines Capacity by Producer, 2011 49
8 Alkylamines Supply & Demand 51
9 Alkylamines Demand by Type 53
10 Methylamines Demand by Type 55
11 Dimethylamine Demand by Market 58
12 Monomethylamine Demand by Market 59
13 Trimethylamine Demand by Market 61
14 Other Alkylamines Demand by Market 63
15 Alkylamines Capacity by Producer, 2011 65
16 Fatty Amines Supply & Demand 67
17 Fatty Amines Demand by Market 69
18 Specialty Amines Supply & Demand 73
19 Specialty Amines Demand by Market 75
20 Ethyleneamines Supply & Demand 78
21 Ethyleneamines Demand by Type 79
22 Ethylenediamine Demand by Market 82
23 Diethylenetriamine Demand by Market 83
24 Triethylenetetramine Demand by Market 85
25 Other Ethyleneamines Demand by Market 86
26 Ethyleneamines Capacity by Producer, 2011 88
27 Polyetheramines Supply & Demand 90
28 Polyetheramines Demand by Market 91

1 Amines Demand by Market 94
2 Cleaning Products Shipments 97
3 Cleaning Products Market: Amines Demand 99
4 Agricultural Chemical Indicators 101
5 Agricultural Chemicals Market: Amines Demand 103
6 Personal Care Products Shipments 106
7 Personal Care Products Market: Amines Demand 108
8 Natural Gas Supply & Demand 111
9 Natural Gas Processing Market: Amines Demand 113
10 Nonagricultural Water Withdrawal & Usage 117
11 Water Treatment Market: Amines Demand 119
12 Lubricants Supply & Demand 121
13 Lubricants Market: Amines Demand 122
14 Residential Building Construction Expenditures 125
15 Wood Treatment Market: Amines Demand 126
16 Other Markets: Amines Demand 127
17 Rubber Production Market: Amines Demand 129
18 Plastics Production Market: Amines Demand 131
19 Pharmaceuticals Market: Amines Demand 133
20 Petroleum Market: Amines Demand 134
21 All Other Markets Amines Demand 139

1 US Amines Sales by Company, 2011 141
2 Selected Acquisitions & Divestitures 149
3 Selected Cooperative Agreements 155


1 Amines Market, 2001-2011 21
2 US Amines Exports by Type, 2011 30
3 US Amines Imports by Type, 2011 32

1 Amines Demand by Product, 2011: Volume & Value 36
2 Ethanolamines Demand by Type, 2011 40
3 Methylamines Demand by Type, 2011 56
4 Ethyleneamines Demand by Type, 2011 80

1 Amines Demand by Market, 2011 95

1 US Amines Market Share, 2011 143
2 US Amines Capacity Share, 2011 146

Published By: Freedonia Group
Product Code: Freedonia Group170

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