Flat Glass in China to 2016

Published: December 2012
No. of Pages: 229

This study analyzes the flat glass industry in China. It presents historical demand data for the years 2001, 2006 and 2011, and forecasts for 2016 and 2021 by flat glass type (e.g., float glass, sheet glass, safety glass, insulating glass, mirrors), market (e.g., architectural, motor vehicle, electronic display) and geographic region.The study also considers market environment factors, details industry structure, evaluates company market share and profiles industry participants.

Demand to grow more than 8% annually through 2016

Demand for flat glass in China is forecast to rise 8.2 percent per year through 2016 to 3.4 billion square meters. Sales of flat glass will be driven by growth in building construction expenditures and advances in motor vehicle and solar panel production. In value terms, flat glass demand is forecast to increase 13.9 percent per year to ¥250 billion in 2016. Ongoing industrialization, rising income levels, and further population and household growth will benefit flat glass sales.

Demand shifting to higher quality products

Two major trends are expected to affect the flat glass industry over the next 10 years. First, demand for float glass is forecast to increase at the expense of demand for lower quality sheet glass. Second, demand for fabricated flat glass products is forecast to continue to rise as they are more often favored over unfabricated products in building applications and as rapid growth is expected in fabricated glass markets such as solar energy and electronic displays. By 2021, fabricated flat glass will record nearly half of total flat glass demand in China.

Fabricated glass products to grow most rapidly

Unfabricated float glass will remain the largest product category through 2016, with demand rising 6.6 percent yearly to 1.5 billion square meters. Advances will be spurred by healthy growth in building construction activity, especially in rural areas, and relatively low product prices.

Demand for safety glass will advance nearly 15 percent annually through 2016, as demand benefits from rising income levels and growth in new construction, as well as from greater output of motor vehicles, solar panels, and furniture. Demand for insulating glass is forecast to grow 15.5 percent annually through 2016, boosted by growth in construction of residential and commercial buildings, schools, and hospitals, which use vast amounts of flat glass in their designs.

Architectural market still dominant for flat glass

The architectural market accounted for just under four-fifths of flat glass demand in 2011. Advances for flat glass in the architectural market will be bolstered by rising income levels, further urbanization, and government efforts to improve living conditions for low-income earners. The solar panel market is forecast to see the fastest gains through 2016. Sales will be driven by strong increases in production of solar panels. The electronic display market will see the next fastest growth, with demand being lifted by expanding output of electronic goods in China, the presence of new glass-using products, and heightened personal income levels.

Additional Information

This study analyzes the Chinese flat glass industry by product type and market. Flat glass demand is presented at two levels. This study examines the industry at both the primary flat glass level (float and sheet) and the fabricated flat glass level (safety, insulating, mirrors, photovoltaic, conductive, and other). Primary flat glass that is used directly by end users without further alteration is referred to as “unfabricated primary flat glass,” while primary glass that is ultimately used as an input to make other flat glass types is referred to as “fabricated primary flat glass.” Markets include architectural, motor vehicles, solar energy, furniture, electronic displays, and other. Product capacity figures are presented in metric tons and product capacity expansion data included in this study are based on announcements as of October 2012. Excluded from the scope of the study are raw materials used in the production of flat glass (e.g., lime, limestone, silica sand, and soda ash).

The Special Administrative Regions of Hong Kong and Macau are exclude from the scope of the study. These regions remain to a great extent economically independent from the rest of China, even though they returned to the People’s Republic of China in the late 1990s. Taiwan, which is economically independent from the rest of China and not under the administration of the central government, is also excluded from the scope of this study.

Historical data (2001, 2006, and 2011) and forecasts for 2016 and 2021 are provided in million square meters for sales, shipments, and net exports of flat glass products, as well as for all major segments. The renminbi (or RMB) is the official currency of the People’s Republic of China, and the base unit of the renminbi is the yuan. The term “yuan” is used throughout this report when referring to currency amounts. Historical data and forecasts for sales of detailed product classifications are also in current yuan. The term “demand” actually refers to “apparent consumption” and is defined as production (also referred to as “output” or “supply”) from Chinese flat glass production facilities plus imports minus exports. It is used interchangeably with the terms “market,” “sales,” and “consumption. At the primary flat glass level, demand is defined as the amount of primary flat glass used in the production of each type of fabricated flat glass product and the amount of primary flat glass used in an unfabricated state in each major market.

In addition, major suppliers of flat glass products are identified and profiled, and the key competitive variables for this industry are discussed. The entire report is framed within the Chinese flat glass industry’s economic and market environments. Flat glass revenues by company data presented in the “Industry Structure” section are estimates based on consultation with multiple sources. Tabular details may not add to totals due to rounding. Macroeconomic indicators presented in this study were obtained from The Freedonia Group Consensus Forecasts dated June 2012.

A wide variety of primary and secondary sources were also used in the compilation of this report. These include Chinese government statistical agencies (principally the National Bureau of Statistics of China), other Chinese government agencies (including the Ministry of Commerce and Ministry of Construction), the China Architectural and Industrial Glass Association, industry experts, financial sources, and flat glass companies.

Data and background information were obtained from various news and trade publications, including China Building Materials Monthly, China Building Materials Science & Technology, China Daily, China Security Journal, People’s Daily, and The China Business Review. Corporate annual reports, product literature, and other company information were also used in framing the industry and market environments and as input for market size assessments.

Statistics from various sources were carefully examined during the preparation of this study, and contradictions and discrepancies among data sources were noted. The accuracy and reliability of figures from each source were evaluated, and adjustments were made where deemed necessary. This was done in order to arrive at a consistent set of industry statistics, which are based on the best available information at the time this study was published. As a result, the data presented here may differ, sometimes substantially, from figures issued by official governmental sources.

Flat Glass in China to 2016




General 4
Economic Overview 5
Recent Economic Performance 5
Economic Outlook 7
Demographic Overview 11
Population 12
Households 14
Consumer Trends 15
Personal Income & Expenditures 16
Consumer Financing 18
Currency Exchange Rates 21
Building Construction Outlook 24
Industrialization & Manufacturing Trends 27
Solar Industry Outlook 30
Electrical/Electronics Sector Outlook 32
Motor Vehicle Outlook 34
Regulatory & Environmental Trends 36

General 38
Pricing Patterns 41
International Environment 43
Foreign Trade 44
Primary Flat Glass 44
Fabricated Flat Glass 46

Supply & Demand 49
Float Glass 52
Float Glass Production Capacity 55
Unfabricated Applications 60
Fabricated Glass Manufacturing 61
Sheet Glass 64
Unfabricated Applications 67
Fabricated Glass Manufacturing 68

Supply & Demand 70
Safety Glass 72
Tempered 74
Laminated 76
Insulating Glass 78
Mirrors 80
Silver Mirrors 81
Aluminum Mirrors 82
Advanced Fabricated Mirrors 82
Other Fabricated Glass 83
Photovoltaic Glass 84
Conductive Glass 85
All Other Glass 85

General 88
Architectural 91
Residential Building Construction 94
New Construction 96
Improvement & Repair 97
Nonresidential Building Construction 98
New Construction 100
Improvement & Repair 101
Motor Vehicle 101
Original Equipment Market 103
Aftermarket 105
Solar Energy 107
Furniture 109
Electronic Displays 111
Other Markets 114

General 117
Regional Demographic & Economic Trends 119
Demographic Patterns 120
Economic Outlook 122
Consumer Trends 124
Regional Building Construction Expenditures 125
Regional Manufacturing Production Outlook 127
Regional Motor Vehicle Outlook 128
Regional Flat Glass Demand 130
Central-North 133
Overview 133
Flat Glass Demand 135
Northeast 137
Overview 137
Flat Glass Demand 139
Central-East 141
Overview 141
Flat Glass Demand 143
Central-South 144
Overview 144
Flat Glass Demand 146
Southwest 148
Overview 148
Flat Glass Demand 149
Northwest 151
Overview 151
Flat Glass Demand 152

General 154
Industry Composition 155
Market Share 157
Marketing & Distribution 160
Financial Issues & Requirements 161
Acquisitions & Divestitures 163
Cooperative Agreements 164
Foreign Participation in the Chinese Market 167
Legal & Regulatory Issues 167
Joint Ventures 169
Wholly Owned Foreign Enterprises 171
Representative Offices 172
Company Profiles 173
AGC Flat Glass Dalian, see Asahi Glass
Anhui Huaguang Optical-Electrical Material Technology 174
Asahi Glass Company Limited 175
China Glass Holdings Limited 177
China Luoyang Float Glass Group Company Limited 182
China Yaohua Glass, see China Glass Holdings
Chongqing Wansheng Float Glass, see Fuyao Group
Glass Industry
CSG Holding Company Limited 184
Dezhou Jinghua Group Company Limited 187
Farun Group Company Limited 188
Fuyao Group Glass Industry Company Limited 189
Guangdong Fu Rui Industrial Development
Company Limited 192
Guangdong Jiangmen ISN Float Glass Company Limited 194
Hangzhou Glass Group Company Limited 195
Hebei Daguangming Industry Group Company Limited 196
Hebei Jingniu Group Company Limited 197
Hebei Yingxin Glass Group Company Limited 198
Hubei Sanxia New Building Materials Company Limited 199
Intex Glass Xiamen Company Limited 200
Jiangsu SHD New Materials, see China Glass Holdings
Jiangsu Xiuqiang Glasswork Company Limited 201
Jinjing Group Company Limited 202
Lanshi Glass Group Company Limited 203
Luoyang North Glass Technology Company Limited 205
Nanjing Yuanhong Special Glass, see China Glass
Nanning Float Glass Company Limited 206
Nippon Sheet Glass Company Limited 207
Qingdao Saint-Gobain HanGlas Clfg, see China Luoyang
Float Glass Group and Saint-Gobain
Qinhuangdao Aoge Group Company Limited 211
Saint-Gobain 212
Shaanxi Blue Star Glass, see China Glass Holdings
Shandong Blue Star Glass, see China Glass Holdings
Shanxi Lihu Glass Group Company Limited 216
Sichuan Glass Company Limited 217
SYP Glass Group, see Nippon Sheet Glass
Taiwan Glass Industry Corporation 218
Wuhai Blue Star Glass, see China Glass Holdings
Wuhan Changli Glass Company Limited 221
Wuhan Yaohua Pilkington Safety Glass, see China Glass
Holdings and Nippon Sheet Glass
Xinyi Glass Holdings Limited 222
Yin Tong Glass Company Limited 225
Zhejiang Hehe Holding Group Company Limited 226
Zhenhua, see Dezhou Jinghua Group
Other Companies Mentioned in Study 228


Summary Table 3

1 Gross Domestic Product of China 11
2 Population of China 13
3 Households in China by Region 15
4 Personal Income & Expenditures in China 18
5 Interest Rates in China, 2001-2011 21
6 Currency Exchange Rates, 2001-2011 23
7 Building Construction Expenditures in China 27
8 Manufacturing Value Added in China 30
9 Solar Panel Outlook for China 32
10 Electrical & Electronic Value Added in China 34
11 Motor Vehicle Outlook for China 36

1 Flat Glass Demand in China by Product 40
2 Flat Glass Pricing Patterns in China 42
3 Chinese Foreign Trade in Primary Flat Glass 46
4 Chinese Foreign Trade in Fabricated Flat Glass 48

1 Primary Flat Glass Supply & Demand in China 52
2 Float Glass Supply & Demand in China 55
3 Float Glass Production Capacity in China, 2011 58
4 Float Glass Demand in Unfabricated Applications in China 61
5 Float Glass Demand in Fabricated Manufacturing in China 63
6 Sheet Glass Supply & Demand in China 66
7 Sheet Glass Demand in Unfabricated Applications in China 68
8 Sheet Glass Demand in Fabricated Manufacturing in China 69

1 Fabricated Flat Glass Supply & Demand in China 72
2 Safety Glass Supply & Demand in China 74
3 Tempered Safety Glass Supply & Demand in China 76
4 Laminated Safety Glass Supply & Demand in China 77
5 Insulating Glass Supply & Demand in China 79
6 Mirror Supply & Demand in China 81
7 Other Fabricated Flat Glass Supply & Demand in China 84

1 Flat Glass Demand in China by Market 90
2 Architectural Market for Flat Glass in China 94
3 Residential Market for Flat Glass in China 96
4 Nonresidential Market for Flat Glass in China 100
5 Motor Vehicle Market For Flat Glass in China 103
6 Motor Vehicle Original Equipment Market for Flat Glass
in China 105
7 Motor Vehicle Aftermarket for Flat Glass in China 106
8 Solar Energy Market for Flat Glass in China 109
9 Furniture Market for Flat Glass in China 111
10 Electronic Display Market for Flat Glass in China 114
11 Other Markets for Flat Glass in China 116

1 Population & Households in China by Region 122
2 Gross Domestic Product of China by Region 123
3 Per Capita Disposable Personal Income in China by Region 125
4 Building Construction Expenditures in China by Region 126
5 Manufacturing Value Added in China by Region 128
6 Motor Vehicle Park & Production in China by Region 130
7 Flat Glass Demand in China by Region 132
8 Central-North Region of China: Flat Glass Demand 137
9 Northeast Region of China: Flat Glass Demand 141
10 Central-East Region of China: Flat Glass Demand 144
11 Central-South Region of China: Flat Glass Demand 147
12 Southwest Region of China: Flat Glass Demand 150
13 Northwest Region of China: Flat Glass Demand 153

1 Revenue Data: Selected Flat Glass Compnaies, 2011 156
2 Selected Acquisitions & Divestitures 164
3 Selected Cooperative Agreements 166


1 Population of China by Age, 2001-2021 14
2 Chinese Currency Exchange Rates, 2001-2021 24

1 Flat Glass Demand in China by Market, 2011 91

1 Flat Glass Demand in China by Region, 2011 133
2 Central-North Region of China 135
3 Northeast Region of China 139
4 Central-East Region of China 142
5 Central-South Region of China 146
6 Southwest Region of China 149
7 Northwest Region of China 152

1 Flat Glass Market Share in China, 2011 157

Published By: Freedonia Group
Product Code: Freedonia Group161

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