Mobile Advertising / Promotions and Consumer Enabled Product Authentication with Smart Phones

Published: November 2012
No. of Pages: 255

Here is a new ‘ground breaking’ Vandagraf report that embraces and analyses the new and occasionally bewildering world of mobile engagement and interaction market.

The report contains a definitive analysis and evaluation of the dramatic technological changes that are occurring and the significant convergences that are set to impact many industries and businesses, including most segments of the packaging / labels converting and printing industries.

This brave new mobile world is leading to a host of opportunities across a number of industries from packaging / labels converters, retailer and brand owners, smart phone handset and App providers to digital printing equipment builders and others.

The pot is now coming to the boil fast – Specifically the uptake and growth of sales of smart phone sales in 2011 / 2012is exceedingprevious expectations as well as what can be accomplished with the vast and expanding range of Apps– The future is now. This is no time to hesitate.

Rapid developments in mobile technology including smart phones and signal transmission technologies (3G, 4G, Wi-Fi) together with the huge success of the ‘App Store’ model and the now widespread use of mobile action codes can now provide completely unprecedented access to online ‘additional content’ of various kinds.

This is offering the possibility of ‘interactive experiences’ that can (in the context of this report be employed for the following types of application:

  • Smart phone enabled online interactive Marketing Communications – Advertising / Sales Promotions
  • Smart phone enabled online interactive Product Authentication.

The two functions listed above are quite distinct but are clearly connected insofar as both serve to enhance a brand, one by assisting sales, the other by protecting the genuine article.

There are intriguing possibilities to create synergies here and to collaborate in further developments of these exciting new areas.

Mobile Advertising / Promotions and Consumer Enabled Product Authentication with Smart Phones

Executive Summary
    Report Structure
    Converging Technologies
    The Enlightened Packaging Converter / Printer
    Where The Money Goes - Marketing Communications
    Where The Money Goes – Counterfeiting Losses / Brand Protection
    Key Benefits Of Smart Phone Enabled Brand Enhancement
    Exploring Opportunities
    Shaping The Future
    Scope Of Report

1 Introduction
    1.1 Some Key Factors - Background

    1.1.1 Successive Waves Of Computer Technologies Drives Growth
    1.1.2 Growth Rates Tell A Story
    1.1.3 Converging Technologies & Forces
    1.1.4 The Reach Of The Report
    1.1.5 Smart Phones Herald The Age Of Interactive Direct Mobile Marketing
    1.1.6 Two-way Traffic Is Totally Transforming Marketing Communications
    1.1.7 Interactive Experiences, Content, Triggering Mechanisms&Codes Types Of Interactive Experience Types Of Additional Content Types Of Triggering Mechanism Types Of Mobile Action Code 2d / Qr Codes Vs. Nfc – Mobile Action Codes

    1.2 Some Key Drivers

    1.2.1 Market Penetration - Mobile Phones
    1.2.2 Smart Phones Herald The Age Of Interactive Direct Marketing
    1.2.3 Continuing Dynamic Growth Of The ‘app Store’ Model
    1.2.4 Ecommerce Is Drawing Shoppers Away From Traditional Retail Stores
    1.2.5 Regulatory Trends In Packaging – Driving Innovation In Brand Promotion

    1.3 Who Stands To Benefit - Industries Impacted - Opportunities & Threats

    1.3.1 Supplier Groups Impacted Packaging/Labels Converter Printers General Printing & Publishing Industries Suppliers Of Inks & Coatings Suppliers Of Digital Printing Equipment Suppliers Of Brand Protection Solutions Suppliers Of Telephony & Networking Solutions

    1.3.2 Other Groups Impacted Brand Owners - Opportunities & Threats Retailers - Opportunities & Threats Consumers - Opportunities & Threats

    1.4 Mobile Versus Desktop Internet Usage
    1.5 Brand Enhancement With Smart Mobile Devices

2 Trends In Marketing Communications
    2.1 Marketing Communicationsbudgets

    2.1.1 Typical Spending – Traditional Advertising & Sales Promotions
    2.1.2 Marketing Communications Budgets – Traditional / Internet
    2.1.3 Sales Promotions Versus Advertising

    2.2 Media Choices For Marketing Communications

    2.2.1 Marketing Communications – Traditional Tools Of The Trade
    2.2.2 Breakdown Of Average Daily Media Consumption
    2.2.3 Major Media Types
    2.2.4 A Summary Of Recent Trends In Advertising Media
    2.2.5 Trends In Online Advertising By Region
    2.2.6 Other Regional Trends In Advertising
    2.2.7 Trends For Printed Magazines & Newspapers Case Study – Decline In The Uk Magazine Printing Industry Australian Newspaper Circulation Slumps

    2.2.8 The New Media Forms Are Driving Changes In The Mix
    2.2.9 The Future Of Tv Advertising
    2.2.10 Tv Advertising Is Threatened By ‘fast Forward’
    2.2.11 Out-of-home (Ooh) Advertising Ooh Advertising Formats Mobile Ooh / Digital Ooh Advertising Printed Billboard Posters Versus Screen Based Advertising Case Study – Nfc Roll Out For Ooh Advertising Across The Uk Case Study - Ooh Advertisment With Both Qr Code And Nfc Market Sizing Summary – Ooh Advertising

    2.3 Direct Marketing

    2.3.1 Market Sizing Summary – Direct Marketing
    2.3.2 Email Marketing
    2.3.3 Characteristics Of Direct Marketing
    2.3.4 Evolution Of Interactive Search Marketing Spending In The Us

3 Mobile Marketing / Advertising & Sales Promotions
    3.1 An Overview Of Smart Phone Usage
    3.2 Background – Mobile Marketing

    3.2.1 Mobile Marketing Defined
    3.2.2 The Mobile Marketers Toolbox
    3.2.3 Market Sizing Summary – Mobile Advertising
    3.2.4 Mobile Advertising Expenditure In The Us

    3.3 Types Of Mobile Advertising

    3.3.1 Overview - Smart Phone Enabled Mobile Advertising
    3.3.2 Sms / Mms / P2p Messaging Marketing Messaging - Background Market Sizing Summary – Sms Messaging

    3.3.3 Display - Banners & Rich Media Display - Banners & Rich Media - Background Market Sizing Summary - Display - Banners & Rich Media

    3.3.4 Search Engine Marketing (Sem) Search Engine Marketing (Sem) - Background Market Sizing Summary - Search Engine Marketing (Sem)

    3.3.5 Video Advertising Video Advertsing – Background Market Sizing Summary – Video Advertising

    3.4 Innovations In Interactive Mobile Marketing

    3.4.1 Mobile Digital Coupon Usage
    3.4.2 Location Based Mobile Proximity Marketing
    3.4.3 In-game Mobile Marketing
    3.4.4 Measuring The Effectiveness Of Mobile Advertising – Analytics& Metrics
    3.4.5 Measurement Of Response Rate Metrics
    3.4.6 Aligning Mobile Marketing With Social Media

    3.5 Mobile Website Design

    3.5.1 Mobile Web Marketing
    3.5.2 Key Attributes – Mobile Websites

4 Social Media Marketing
    4.1 Social Media Outlets / Platforms For Mobile Marketing

    4.1.1 Social Media Websites
    4.1.2 Smart Phones & Social Media
    4.1.3 Interactive Engagement
    4.1.4 Some Steps For Brands To Exploit Social Media - Metrics & Analytics

    4.2 Social Media Marketing Networks

    4.2.1 Social Media Explained
    4.2.2 Facebook
    4.2.3 Twitter
    4.2.4 Linkedin
    4.2.5 You Tube
    4.2.6 Blogs
    4.2.7 P&G Social Media Driven Marketing Campaign - 2012 London Olympics

    4.3 Social Media Marketing Techniques

    4.3.1 Cobras & Ewoms
    4.3.2 Sharing With Social Media

    4.4 Trends In Social Media Marketing
    4.5 Going ‘viral’with Social Media Marketing
    4.6 Opportunities & Threats With Social Media

    4.6.1 Brands & Social Media
    4.6.2 Implications Of Social Media For Traditional Advertising (Print &Tv)

5 Retailing - In-store Shopping Vs Ecommerce
    5.1 Some Key Numbers In Global Retailing

    5.1.1 Market Sizing Summary – Traditional Retailing
    5.1.2 Market Sizing Summary – Coupons & Advertising Specialities
    5.1.3 The Relentless Rise Of Out Of-store Retailing
    5.1.4 Market Sizing Summary – Online Retailing
    5.1.5 Us Retail Chains – Average Weekly Attendance
    5.1.6 Online / Offline Purchasing Trends
    5.1.7 Mobile E-commerce In Europe Soars To New Heights

    5.2 Challenges Facing The Traditional Retail Sector Today
    5.3 Towards Consumer Empowerment In The Retail Store

    5.3.1 Retailer Initiatives
    5.3.2 Shopper Empowerment – A Guiding Theme
    5.3.3 Customer Loyalty & Rewards
    5.3.4 Interactive Storytelling - Retail As A Narrative
    5.3.5 Options For Retailers
    5.3.6 Bridging The Gap – Online / Instore Retailing

    5.4 The Wonders Of New Generation Retail Technology
    5.5 Smart Phones – A Key Role To Play In Retail

    5.5.1 Getting Consumers Back Into Retail Stores With Smart Phones
    5.5.2 Smart Phones Set To Become Integral Part Of In-store Shopping

    5.6 Online Sales Promotion Tools

    5.6.1 Mobile Digital Coupons
    5.6.2 Other Online Sales Promotion Tools

    5.7 Types Of Additional Content& Interactive Experience In Retail

    5.7.1 Types Of Interactive Experience In Retail
    5.7.2 Types Of Smart Phone Enabled Additional Content In Retail Interactive Experiences Using Augmented Reality (Ar) Case Study –toyota Marketing Campaign - Ft-86 Coupe Case Study – Instore Simulation For Lego Kits Case Study – Tic Tac® Mints Ar Shake It Up™ Campaign Case Study – Waitrose Christmas 2011 Campaign Case Study – Kit Kat Voting For Favourites Case Study – Cadbury Games On Chocolate Bars Case Study – Personalised Messages For Lacta Chocolate Bar

    5.7.3 Some Usage Patterns – 2d / Qr Codes - Us Retail Some Trends In Mobile Action Codes In Retailing Notes On 2d / Qr Code Placement In Retail Applications

    5.8 E-receipts Digital Paperless Receipts

    5.8.1 Launch Of E-receipts Transforming Market Place For Retailers
    5.8.2 E-receipts – Benefits For Both Retailers & Shoppers
    5.8.3 E-receipts Technology

    Appendices To Chapter 5
    Appendix 5.1 Traditional Approaches - Consumer Sales Promotion
    Appendix 5.2 Nestle Kitkat / Kitcash - Consumer Sales Promotion - Yesterday
    Appendix 5.3 Nestle Kitkat –with Gps For Competition - Today

6 Consumer Enabled Product Authentication
    6.1 Trends In Brand Protection

    6.1.1 Track, Trace & Authenticate – An Emerging Trend
    6.1.2 Levels Of Defense - 1st, 2nd& 3rd
    6.1.3 Categories Of Brand Protection Technologies – 1st, 2nd & 3rd Level
    6.1.4 A Layered Approach
    6.1.5 A Combination Of Security Functions & Features
    6.1.6 Market Sizing Summary – Brand Protection / Financial Losses

    6.2 Smart Phone Enabled Product Authentication

    6.2.1 Overview – End User Enabled Authentication
    6.2.2 Protecting Brands On The Internet

    6.3 2d / Qr Codes To Mobile Action Code Product Authentication
    6.4 Recent Developments Smart Phone Enabled Brand Protection

    6.4.1 Smart Phone Enabled Systems With Printed Codes Bitsecure – Schreiner Group Printechnologics - Touchcode™ Tesa Priospot® Yottamark - Harvestmark™ Other Smart Phone Enabled Systems With Printed Codes

    6.4.2 Digital Watermarks Embedded In Print Overview Of Digital Watermarking Smart Phones & Digital Watermarking Digimarc – Discover – Digital Watermarking Idetector – Gssc – Security Indicia Technology – Digital Watermarking The Digital Watermarking Alliance

    6.4.3 Other Smart Phone Enabled Systems – Not Printed Alpvision – Cryptoglyph/ Fingerprint Inksure – Holotag - Smartsure

    6.4.4 Self Authenticating Systems Heidelberg – 1tag Popimscode

    6.5 Case Studies

    6.5.1 Case Study - 2d Codes For Product Authentication - Pharma Product 1
    6.5.2 Case Study - 2d Codes For Product Authentication - Pharma Product 2
    6.5.3 Case Study – Compliers Group, Nl – Nfc Enabled Blister Packs
    6.5.4 Case Study – Authentication Of Pharma Products In Africa – Sproxil
    6.5.5 Case Study – Authentication Of Wine With 2d Codes
    6.5.6 Case Study - Developments In Nfc By Nokia
    6.5.7 Systems Requiring Special Readers – Not Smart Phone Enabled Prooftag – Bubbletag Hyperlabel Singular Id – Enxure System

7 Mobile Action Codes
    7.1 Introduction – Mobile Action Codes

    7.1.1 Background – Mobile Action Codes
    7.1.2 Major Types Of Mobile Action Codes
    7.1.3 Kraft Case Study - Nfc Versus Qr Codes - Grocery

    7.2 Printed 2d / Qr Codes – As Mobile Action Codes

    7.2.1 Market Adoption Of 2d / Qr Codes In 2011
    7.2.2 Market Sizing Summary – 2d / Qr Codes
    7.2.3 What 2d / Qr Codes Can Do And How They Are Being Used How 2d / Qr Codes Are Being Used Today Who Is Using Mobile Action Codes

    7.2.3 Types Of 2d / Qr Mobile Action Codes 2d / Qr Codes The Microsoft (Ms) Tag System Operation Of Ms Tag Solution

    7.2.4 Strengths Of 2d / Qr And Similar Tag Systems
    7.2.5 Case Study – Us Postal Service – Mobile Qr Code Promotion
    7.2.6 Some Key Requirements For 2d / Qr Barcode Campaigns

    7.3 Nfc Tags– Embedded Devices - As Mobile Action Codes

    7.3.1 Summary Of Unique Benefits Of Nfc
    7.3.2 Nfc – Defined
    7.3.3 Nfc - Electronic Purse
    7.3.4 Nfc - Mobile Action Code
    7.3.5 Nfc – Connecting To Additional Content Online
    7.3.6 Tagtum – Smart Phone Enabled Nfc
    7.3.7 Smartrac / Cliksecure –nfc Enabled Product Authentication
    7.3.8 Market Sizing Summary – Nfc Enabled Mobile Phone Handsets
    7.3.9 Nfc Versus Printed 2d Digital Codes For Smart Phone Applications
    7.3.10 Bluetooth Versus Nfc
    7.3.11 Nfc Enabled Smart Phone Requirements

    7.4 Hardware Devices - Vizkey – Usb Technology

8 Trends In Smart Phones & Other Mobile Devices
    8.1 A Look At Mobile Devices

    8.1.1 Types Of Mobile Device
    8.1.2 Mobile Device Form Factors - Screen Size Considerations
    8.1.3 In Search Of A Ubiquitous Mobile Reader Device
    8.1.4 Types Of Mobile Phone
    8.1.5 Market Sizing Summary – Mobile Phones
    8.1.6 Market Sizing Summary - Smart Phones
    8.1.7 Global Smart Phone Penetration In 2011
    8.1.8 Operating Systems For Mobile Devices
    8.1.8 Tablets
    8.1.9 The Pda Heritage

    8.2 The App Store Model
    8.3 Some Demographic Trends - Online

    8.3.1 Breakdown Of Online Population By Region
    8.3.2 Smart Phone Usage By Region
    8.3.3 Smart Phone Use By Age Range
    8.3.4 An Example Of Age Related Consumer Behaviour In Us Retail

    8.4 Data Handling & Transmission Trends

    8.4.1 Networking Technology Drivers - 3g, 4g, Wi-fi 3g 4g Wi-fi

    8.4.2 Trends In Handset Connectivity (Bluetooth, Gps, Wlan, Nfc)
    8.4.3 Mobile Marketing With Bluetooth Hotspots
    8.4.4 Cloud Computing

9 Implications For Packaging & Print Industries
    9.1 Background – Packaging & Print

    9.1.1 Market Sizing Summary - Packaging & Print Industries
    9.1.2 General Print & Publishing- Opportunities & Threats
    9.1.3 The Digital Threat
    9.1.4 Printed Materials For Direct Marketing
    9.1.5 Case Study – Darwill Inc. – A Direct Mail Specialist
    9.1.6 Packaging - Opportunities & Threats

    9.2 Traditional Packaging And ‘additional Content’

    9.2.1 The ‘real Estate’ Issue
    9.2.2 Providing Additional Content – The Old Fashioned Way The Traditional Multi-page Leaflet Label Blister Packs With Enlarged Print Area

    9.2.3 Smart Phone Enabled Additional Content – A Different League

    9.3 Print Quality Requirements For 2d / Qr Codes

    9.3.1 Case Study – Elopak – Printed 2d / Qr Codes
    9.3.2 Notes On Printing 2d / Qr Codes

    9.4 Digital Watermarking Embedded In Print

    9.4.1 Background – Digital Watermarking & Print
    9.4.2 What This Means For The Printer / Converter
    9.4.3 Market Sizing Summary
    9.4.4 Visible Versus Invisible Digital Watermarking

    9.5 Coding Systems

    9.5.1 Mass Customisation / Mass Serialisation
    9.5.2 Encrypted Coding

    9.6 A Central Role For Digital Printing

    9.6.1 Brand Owners Moving Forward Rapidly With Digital Print
    9.6.2 History Time-line – Digital Printing
    9.6.3 A Bright Future For Digital Printing
    9.6.4 Three Good Reasons Why Converters Should Invest In Digital Printing
    9.6.5 Economics Of Digital Printing
    9.6.6 Market Sizing Summary – Digital Printing
    9.6.8 Proliferation Of Digital Press Suppliers Tells A Story

    9.7 Special Inks & Coatings For Smart Phones
    9.8 Nfc – Implications For Printers & Converters

    9.8.1 Nfc - Key Competencies For Printers & Converters
    9.8.2 Notes On Nfc Devices & Packaging / Labels

    9.9 The Impact Of Regulations On Packaging & Labelling

    9.9.1 Trends In Regulatory Constraints On Packaging
    9.9.3 Pharmaceutical Packaging / Labelling
    9.9.4 Draconian New Cigarette Packaging Regulations In Australia

    9.10 Some Key Pointers For Converters & Printers

    9.10.1 The Smart Phone Revolution Meets Packaging & Printing
    9.10.2 Customer Facing Print Based Platforms
    9.10.3 Commercial Opportunities For Digital & Traditional Printing
    9.10.4 The Enlightened Packaging Converter / Printer
    9.10.5 Packaging & Print Must Adapt To Survive In A Digital World
    9.10.6 Crossover Opportunities – Marketing / Product Authentication

Appendices – Leading Companies
    Leading Companies - Smart Phone Enabled End User Authentication
    Leading Companies - Mass Serialisation Products / Coding Systems
    Leading Companies - Digital Watermarking & Covert Codes
    About Vandagraf International Limited
    Vandagraf Reports Currently Available
    Author Profiles

Published By: Vandagraf International Limited
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