Coated Fabrics to 2016

Published: October 2012
No. of Pages: 321

This study analyzes the US coated fabric industry. It presents historical demand data for the years 2001, 2006 and 2011, and forecasts for 2016 and 2021 by coating (e.g., vinyl, polyethylene, polytetrafluoroethylene, polypropylene, acrylic, polyurethane, pyroxylin, polychloroprene, silicone-rubber, fabric-backed wallcoverings), substrate (e.g., polyester, nylon, cotton, fiberglass, fabric blends) and market. The study also considers market environment factors, details industry structure, evaluates company market share and profiles industry players.

US demand to rise 3.5% annually through 2016

US demand for coated fabrics is forecast to increase 3.5 percent annually to 635 million square yards in 2016, an improvement from the declines of the 2006-2011 period. Gains will be driven by a rebound in motor vehicle production, a significant outlet for coated fabrics. In addition, renewed economic growth, along with rising manufacturing output, and rebounding construction activity will provide opportunities for coated fabrics. In value terms, coated fabric demand is projected to expand slightly faster than in area terms, based on price increases. Nevertheless, price increases will moderate from the 2001-2011 period, when costs of certain raw materials, such as crude oil-based polymers, rose substantially. Greater competition from lower cost imports, especially from China, will also work to restrain pricing gains.

Growth in airbags to spur motor vehicle market gains

In 2011, 27 percent of all coated fabric demand was dedicated to the motor vehicle market in applications such as airbags, upholstery, headlining, trim, tops, and covers. Airbags are projected to provide the best growth opportunities, driven by an increase in the number of airbags per vehicle. This is partially due to government regulations and the inclusion of more airbags into a larger number of types of vehicles at varying price points.

Among other markets, those that are most closely tied to renewed construction activity (e.g., wallcoverings, furniture, and awnings and canopies) will achieve above-average growth. The protective clothing market will also achieve above-average gains, benefiting from accelerating manufacturing output, where processes in industries such as chemicals, pharmaceuticals, and electronic, require employees to wear protective gear, as well as ongoing spending on such equipment for military personnel and first responders.

Polymer-coated fabrics to remain dominant in value

In 2011, coated polyester held the largest share -- 46 percent -- of coated fabric demand. Sales of coated polyester will benefit from its low cost and versatility. While used in a variety of markets, the light vehicle, furniture, and industrial markets account for the largest share of coated polyester sales. Through 2016, coated polyester will remain the largest substrate category, but coated nylon will achieve the fastest gains in sales. Demand for coated nylon will be spurred by its use in several above-average growth markets, such as airbags and protective clothing.

In 2011, polymer-coated fabrics comprised the largest share of coated fabric demand in value terms, accounting for 88 percent of the total. Within this category, vinyl-coated fabrics are the most commonly used materials, accounting for 40 percent of total polymer-coated fabric demand in 2011. The significant share of vinyl-coated fabrics is primarily due to its relatively low cost and adequate durability for many applications. Among the major types of polymer-coated fabrics, vinyl-, polyethylene-, and polypropylenecoated versions will post the fastest gains through 2016. The rubber-coated fabric product category is much smaller, but growth will benefit from the use of silicone varieties in airbag production. Advances will be fastest for fabricbacked wallcoverings, which will be promoted by a recovery in the building construction sector, especially in the institutional and office segments where wallcoverings find significant use.


Profiles 40 US industry competitors such as Canadian General-Tower, OMNOVA Solutions, Saint-Gobain, Spradling, Takata, and Trelleborg

Additional Information

This study covers the US coated fabric industry, defined here to include fabrics coated or laminated with polymeric or elastomeric coatings or films. In addition, the study discusses competing technologies, and environmental, regulatory and other market environment factors. Historical data are provided for 2001, 2006, and 2011, with forecasts provided for 2016 and 2021. Data are provided at the coated fabric manufacturer level. Coated fabric demand and shipments are presented in current dollars by type of coating (e.g., polymers such as vinyl, polyethylene, polytetrafluoroethylene, polypropylene, acrylic, and polyurethane; and rubber). Coated fabric demand is also presented in millions of square yards by substrate (e.g., polyester, nylon, cotton, and others) and by market (e.g., motor vehicles, marine and other non-motor vehicle transportation, protective clothing, furniture, industrial, wallcoverings, books, commercial and rental tents, awnings and canopies, and others). Fabrics treated with chemical finishes, such as SCOTCHGARD (3M) or other stain- or water repellent finishes, are not coated fabrics as defined here and are therefore not included.

As used in this study, the term “sales” is synonymous with “demand” and is equivalent to coated fabric production plus imports, less exports. In addition, major manufacturers of coated fabrics are identified and profiled, and the key competitive variables are discussed. The entire study is framed within the coated fabric industry’s economic, technological, and market environments.

Coated Fabrics to 2016




General 4
Macroeconomic Environment 4
Manufacturing Outlook 7
Textiles Outlook 11
Consumer Spending Trends 13
Demographics 16
Environmental & Regulatory Considerations 20

General 24
Supply & Demand 25
Historical Market Trends 27
Pricing Patterns 31
International Environment 33
World Supply & Demand 34
US Foreign Trade 37
Coating Processes 40
Gap Coating 41
Reverse-Roll Coating 42
Rotary Screen Coating 42
Other Coating Processes 43
Competitive Products 45
Coated Fabrics’ Advantages 48
Technological Developments 50
Raw Materials 50

General 55
Polymer-Coated Fabrics 59
Vinyl-Coated Fabrics 62
Characteristics & Applications 65
Suppliers 66
Polyethylene-Coated Fabrics 67
Characteristics & Applications 68
Suppliers 69
Polyurethane-Coated Fabrics 69
Characteristics & Applications 71
Suppliers 72
Polypropylene-Coated Fabrics 72
Characteristics & Applications 73
Suppliers 74
Polytetrafluoroethylene-Coated Fabrics 74
Characteristics & Applications 76
Suppliers 77
Acrylic-Coated Fabrics 78
Characteristics & Applications 79
Suppliers 81
Other Polymer-Coated Fabrics 81
Rubber-Coated Fabrics 82
Polychloroprene-Coated Fabrics 84
Silicone Rubber-Coated Fabrics 85
Other Rubber-Coated Fabrics 86
Fabric-Backed Wallcoverings 87
Characteristics 88
Suppliers 90

General 91
Polyester 93
Nylon 95
Cotton 97
Other Substrates 99
Fiberglass 100
Fabric Blends 102
Nonwovens 102
All Other Substrates 103

General 105
Motor Vehicles 109
Industry Outlook 110
Coated Fabric Demand 113
Light Vehicles 115
Airbags 119
Upholstery, Trim, & Accessories 121
Auto Tops & Light Truck Covers 123
Medium & Heavy Trucks & Buses 125
Truck Covers & Sides 127
Upholstery, Trim, & Other 129
Marine & Other Non-Motor Vehicle Transportation 130
Industry Outlook 131
Coated Fabric Demand 134
Marine Equipment 135
Tops & Covers 137
Sails 137
Upholstery 138
Inflatable Boats 139
Other Transportation Equipment 140
Protective Clothing 141
Applications 144
Materials 145
Technological Developments 147
Industrial 148
Nonresidential Fixed Investment 149
Coated Fabric Demand 151
Applications 153
Suppliers 154
Furniture 154
Industry Outlook 155
Coated Fabric Demand 157
Applications 159
Suppliers 161
Books 162
Industry Outlook 162
Coated Fabric Demand 163
Types 165
Suppliers 166
Commercial & Rental Tents 167
Wallcoverings 170
Industry Outlook 170
Coated Fabric Demand 172
Characteristics 174
Applications 175
Suppliers 177
Awnings & Canopies 177
Building Construction Outlook 178
Coated Fabric Demand 180
Applications 182
Materials 183
Other Markets 185
Clothing 186
Flags & Banners 187
Geosynthetics 188
Printing Blankets 189
Recreational Products 189
Roofing 190
Tarpaulins 191
Travelware 192
All Other Markets 192

General 194
Market Share 197
Competitive Strategies 204
Research & Development 207
Manufacturing 208
Marketing 209
Distribution 213
Cooperative Agreements 214
Mergers & Acquisitions 217
Company Profiles 220
Autoliv Incorporated 221
American Fuel Cells and Coated Fabrics, see Zodiac
Bayer AG 222
Beckmann Converting Incorporated 224
Berry Plastics Corporation 225
Blue Mountain Wallcoverings Incorporated 227
BondCote Corporation 228
Bradford Industries Incorporated 231
Brookwood Laminating, see Hallwood Group
Burlington WorldWide Apparel, see International Textile
Canadian General-Tower Limited 233
Chemprene, see Gamma Holding
China General Plastics Corporation 236
Cooley Group Holdings 237
Dash Multi-Corporation Incorporated 240
Dimension-Polyant, see Gamma Holding
DuPont (EI) de Nemours 241
Fabrene, see Polymer Group
Fiberweb plc 248
Forbo Holding Limited 250
Gamma Holding NV 252
Glen Raven Incorporated 255
Gore (WL) & Associates Incorporated 256
Graniteville Specialty Fabrics Incorporated 258
Haartz Corporation 260
Hallwood Group Incorporated 263
Herculite Products Products Incorporated 266
Highland Industries, see Takata
Holliston LLC 269
Hyosung Corporation 273
International Textile Group Incorporated 275
INVISTA Sarl, see Koch Industries
Irvin Automotive Products, see Takata
Johnston Textiles Incorporated 278
Kenyon Industries, see Hallwood Group
Koch Industries Incorporated 279
Kuraray Company Limited 281
MarChem Custom Fabrics, see Dash Multi-Corporation
Morbern Incorporated 282
Narricot Industries, see International Textile Group
Nassimi LLC 283
OMNOVA Solutions Incorporated 284
Polymer Group Incorporated 288
Reeves Brothers, see Trelleborg
Safety Components International, see International Textile
Saint-Gobain 291
Sandel International, see Beckmann Converting
Seaman Corporation 295
Shawmut Corporation 297
Spradling International Incorporated 300
Taconic, see Tonoga
Takata Corporation 302
Tonoga Incorporated 304
Trelleborg AB 306
Twitchell Corporation 308
Uniroyal Engineered Products LLC 309
Zodiac Aerospace SA 311
Zodiac Marine & Pool 312
Additional Companies in the Coated Fabric Industry 314


Summary Table 3

1 Macroeconomic Indicators 7
2 Manufacturers’ Shipments 11
3 Textile Mill Products Shipments 13
4 Personal Consumption Expenditures 16
5 Population & Households 20

1 Coated Fabric Supply & Demand 27
2 Coated Fabric Market, 2001-2011 30
3 Coated Fabric Pricing 33
4 Foreign Trade in Coated Fabrics 40
5 Coated Fabric Raw Material Demand 54

1 Coated Fabric Supply & Demand by Product 58
2 Polymer-Coated Fabric Supply & Demand 61
3 Vinyl-Coated Fabric Supply & Demand 65
4 Polyethylene-Coated Fabric Supply & Demand 68
5 Polyurethane-Coated Fabric Supply & Demand 70
6 Polypropylene-Coated Fabric Supply & Demand 73
7 Polytetrafluoroethylene-Coated Fabric Supply & Demand 76
8 Acrylic-Coated Fabric Supply & Demand 79
9 Other Polymer-Coated Fabric Supply & Demand 82
10 Rubber-Coated Fabric Supply & Demand 83
11 Fabric-Backed Wallcovering Supply & Demand 88

1 Coated Fabric Demand by Substrate 92
2 Coated Polyester Fabric Demand by Market 95
3 Coated Nylon Fabric Demand by Market 97
4 Coated Cotton Fabric Demand by Market 99
5 Other Coated Fabric Demand by Market 100

1 Coated Fabric Demand by Market 108
2 Motor Vehicle Indicators 113
3 Motor Vehicle Market for Coated Fabrics 115
4 Light Vehicle Market for Coated Fabrics 118
5 Medium & Heavy Truck & Bus Market for Coated Fabrics 127
6 Marine & Other Non-Motor Vehicle Transportation
Equipment Outlook 133
7 Marine & Other Non-Motor Vehicle Transportation
Equipment Markets for Coated Fabrics 135
8 Protective Clothing Market for Coated Fabrics 143
9 Nonresidential Fixed Investment 151
10 Industrial Market for Coated Fabrics 152
11 Furniture Shipments 157
12 Furniture Market for Coated Fabrics 159
13 Book Publishing & Printing Shipments 163
14 Book Market for Coated Fabrics 165
15 Commercial & Rental Tent Market for Coated Fabrics 170
16 Wallcovering Shipments 172
17 Wallcovering Market for Coated Fabrics 174
18 Building Construction Expenditures 180
19 Awning & Canopy Market for Coated Fabrics 182
20 Other Markets for Coated Fabrics 186

1 US Coated Fabric Sales by Company, 2011 196
2 Selected Cooperative Agreements 217
3 Selected Acquisitions & Divestitures 219


1 Coated Fabric Market, 2001-2011 31
2 World Coated Fabric Demand by Region, 2011 37

1 Coated Fabric Demand by Product, 2011 59
2 Polymer-Coated Fabric Demand by Type, 2011 62

1 Coated Fabric Demand by Substrate, 2011 93

1 Coated Fabric Demand by Market, 2011 109
2 Light Vehicle Upholstery, Trim, & Accessories Market
for Coated Fabrics, 2011 123

1 Coated Fabric Market Share, 2011 199

Published By: Freedonia Group
Product Code: Freedonia Group146

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