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Consumer Goods Market Research

Owing to the increase in the incomes and consequent augmentation of the spending power of individuals, the consumer goods market has witnessed a boom in sales, in the past few years. The primary countries witnessing an increase in the sale of consumer goods constitute Brazil, Russia, India and China, also known as the BRIC nations. Apart from them, other Asian countries are also experiencing a similar wave. The increase in the gross and national income has led to these countries being a haven for providing the greatest opportunities for consumer goods markets. This has encouraged the entry of new sectors in the field of consumer market goods such as apparels, cosmetics, baby care products etc.
The advanced materials market research aims at providing a complete account of the aforementioned segment. It offers a detailed analysis of different products and the reasons for their growth. For instance, the recent increase in the number of pet lovers and owners brought about a spurt in the augmentation of pet care products and pet food.
The reports listed under this category attempt to provide you with a reflection of the prevalent consumer goods in the market by means of the extensive range of market data, information and analysis. Our industry research reports give you a detailed view of market conditions and forecasts, in addition to product trends and analysis. Industry overviews, market share and growth, sales statistics and projections, and consumer goods company profiles are also featured.

The consumer goods market research makes a careful study of all the past reports and makes estimates based on them. Further it studies the global outlook in the consumer goods sector, while also profiling the competitors. Competitor analysis aids the business firms to strategize and execute their operations in the respective market.

ReportsnReports has business forecasts for your business, and offers you a comprehensive category-specific market outlook.


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With the improvement of people’s income as well as the prosperity of agent purchasing and gifting, the luxury market in China (especially Mainland China) has achieved steady growth over the recent years. During 2004-2011, China's total c...

$ 2450

Hair care products are used to enhance the texture and quality of the hair as well as for cleansing. They can be made of synthetic or natural ingredients, combined with additional substances such as carrier agents, preservatives, emulsifiers, and ...

$ 2500

This is a professional and depth research report on Global and China Mascara industry. The report firstly introduced Mascara basic information included Mascara definition classification application industry chain structure industry overview; inter...

$ 2200

US demand to grow 3.7% per annum through 2018Demand for packaged lawn and garden consumables in the US is forecast to rise 3.7 percent annually to $9.5 billion in 2018. Growth will be boosted by continued recovery in new ho...

$ 5300

Personal care products include consumer products such as moisturizers, lip balms, hair oils, shampoos, perfumes, talcum powders, shaving creams, eyeliners, toothpastes, and skin creams developed for personal hygiene and beautification. As the name...

$ 2500

Decorative laminates are used to laminate surfaces to protect them from wear and tear, scratching, naked flames, and fire risk. They enhance the lifespan of surfaces and give them an attractive finish. There are three types of decorative laminates...

$ 2500

This is a professional and depth research report on Global and China Protection Helmet industry. The report firstly introduced Protection Helmet basic information included Protection Helmet definition classification application industry chain stru...

$ 2200

IntroductionGlobal Childrenswear industry guide provides top-line qualitative and quantitative summary information including: market size (value 2009-13, and forecast to 2018). The guide also contains descriptions of the le...

$ 2995

This is a professional and depth research report on Global and China Hair Extension industry. The report firstly introduced Hair Extension basic information included Hair Extension definition classification application industry chain structure ind...

$ 2200

This is a professional and depth research report on Global and China Hair Shampoo industry. The report firstly introduced Hair Shampoo basic information included Hair Shampoo definition classification application industry chain structure industry ...

$ 2200

Mattresses have evolved over the years. Initially, mattresses were made of feather, hair, and straw. Currently, mattresses are made of innersprings, latex, flexible polyurethane foams, and other products. In the last 10-15 years, there has been a ...

$ 2500

There are many problems such as dental caries and tooth decay that affect the health of teeth. Treatment of such oral problems involves a high expenditure in case of further deterioration. The players in the Global Oral Hygiene market have been pr...

$ 2500

SummarySmoking Tobacco: Key Markets 2014 is a new report by ERC that covers 20 major world markets for smoking tobacco with particular reference to fine cut tobacco for the use in RYO/MYO cigarettes, together wi...

$ 14950

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