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The Bosnia and Herzegovina market research contains all the facts and data about the internet, fixed line and mobile sector markets in the country. Every segment has been closely studied and all trends and estima... view more

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In the Sub-Saharan Africa region, more than 40 key planned projects are expected to start operations by 2025. These projects are expected to contribute more than 1,100 thousand barrels of oil per day to the global crude production and more than 10...

Dec 2016
$ 1500

Mozambique Liquid Natural Gas Market Analysis and Outlook Report to 2020Forecasts of LNG Supply, Demand, Trade, Plant Status, Contracts, Prices, Stock, Capacity, Investments and Companies is a complete guide for analysts interested in Mozambique L...

Feb 2015
$ 2000

"Mozambique Midstream Oil and Gas Industry Outlook to 2021: Market Forecasts for Oil Storage, Pipelines and Gas Processing" is a comprehensive report on midstream oil and gas industry in Mozambique. The report provides oil consumption and imports ...

Dec 2016
$ 1500

Mozambique upstream oil and gas analysis and outlook report from OGANALYSIS provides complete information on Mozambique exploration and production blocks, fields, companies and future prospects. Details of the industry growth in the historic perio...

Mar 2015
$ 1500

Mozambique oil and gas research from OG Analysis provides full spectrum analysis of opportunities, risks, growth trends, infrastructure and investments in Mozambique. From data driven snapshots to micro and macro trends to company profiles and market...

Sep 2017
$ 3000

Mozambique oil and gas market is experiencing major changes in new project development, consumption patterns and market scenario amidst rapidly shifting global dynamics. Declining US shale production, Iran sanction lift, Saudi Arabia plans to expa...

Aug 2015
$ 3200

Mozambique oil and gas market is showing recovery with a market value of USD XX billion in 2017. Stabilizing oil prices, surge in consumption and government policies are set to boost Mozambique oil and gas market value to $XX billion by 2023 at a pro...

Oct 2017
$ 3250

Mozambique is redesigning its investment and growth strategies with signs of recovery in global markets in 2017. New trends continue to emerge across value chain affecting supply, demand and investment scenarios in the country. Both traditional playe...

Mar 2017
$ 3200

OGAnalysis, one of the leading research and consulting service providers for the oil and gas industry, recently published the "Mozambique Oil and Gas Strategic Analysis and Outlook to 2025". The premier report provides analysis of key op...

Jan 2015
$ 3200

Mozambique Oil and gas industry report from OG ANALYSIS provides comprehensive Insight on upstream, midstream and downstream opportunities, risks, infrastructure, trade and competition. Through integrated research, use of proprietary data and fore...

Feb 2016
$ 3500

Mozambique oil and gas sector is constantly undergoing active transformation from the past few years. The country is expected to witness significant growth and attract new investments in the medium to long term future. Amidst the series of recent ...

Jul 2014
$ 3800

Mozambique Power Market Outlook to 2030, Update 2016 - Market Trends, Regulations and Competitive Landscape Summary This report elaborates Mozambique''s power market structure and provides historical and forecast numbers for ...

Aug 2016
$ 2500

In Q4 2016, the biggest LNG supply contract was signed between Eni Spa and BP plc on October 4, 2016. As per the contract, LNG will be supplied from the Mozambique's Coral Floating field to BP plc for a 20-year period. The second biggest contract ...

Jan 2017
$ 1500

‘The Future of Mozambique Gas industry’ from one of the world’s leading energy research firm-OGANALYSIS analyses the effect of current global market changes on Mozambique Gas markets.Effect of current market dynamics including price flu...

Oct 2016
$ 2000

‘The future of Mozambique Oil industry’ from one of the world’s leading energy research firm-OGANALYSIS analyses the effect of current global market changes on Mozambique oil markets.Effect of current market dynamics including price flu...

Oct 2016
$ 2000
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